South Dakota Here We Come!!!!

by Grace L, Age 13
(Indiana, USA)

Pa: Mary, Jack, your Ma and I have something to say.

Mary: Yes Pa?

Pa: We are going to be movin' out west to South Dakota.

Jack: We are? YIPPEEEE!!!! Are thar gonna be indians Pa?

Mary: INDIANS????

Ma: Yes children, there will be indians. If you see an indian be kind to him and treat him with respect. understood?

Mary: Yes Ma.

Jack: Yes Ma.

Mary: when will we leave Pa?

Pa: This Sunday right after church.
Ma: Yes and since we will be leaving soon you will need to pack. Put your your clothes and a few of your belongings into this bag.

Jack: Do we have to SHARE?

Ma: Yes, now run along.

Mary: Yes Ma.

Jack: Yes Ma.

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