Expository Essays

The 5W's become a starting point for an exository essay. Writing contest directions

Expository Writing:
The 5 W's

Contest Details

Expository Writing: Journalist Report
The 5 W's: Write On 20 and 21

This homeschool writing contest starts September 3 and concludes December 5, 2011. All submissions must be received by December 5, 2011.

Age Groups
There will be two age groups

The contest will judge the ability to use the 5 W's to report an event.

You will need Write On #20 and 21
from Write On: The Kid Friendly, Mother Pleasing Gentle Way to Learn to Write.
You may use it from the text or Download it here.




Example of Expository Essay

Expository Essay Topics Submitted

Winner - Age 8 - 12: Josiah - The Tragedy (age 11)
Winner - Age 13 - 17: Kayli - Egypt Holds Historic Elections (age 15)

Submitted Essays

Here are the essays from the developing authors:

Egypt Holds Historic Elections - Kayli(15) 
Egypt is holding elections to select one-third of the members of their 498-member lower parliament, also known as the People’s Assembly. This parliament …

A Blue Bear for Curing Disease - Carson(12) 
Donna Fladhammer has three children, all living with a rare disease called PIDD. PIDD stands for Primary Immune Deficiency Disease which means the …

For the Love of Liberty - Isaiah(13) 
It was 9 AD. The thus far unconquerable Romans were seeking to expand Roman law, culture, and power. West of the Rhine, one of the longest rivers in …

The Tragedy - Josiah(11) 
Eight year old William Turner wanted to be a sailor and convinced his parents to let him become a cabin boy. In a few years he became second …

Changing Many Lives - Anna(10) 
Have you heard about the sixth largest recorded earthquake? The movement was tremendous, measuring 8.8 on the Richter Scale. Because of the earthquake …

Big Band Dance in Bella Vista - Adriana(11) Not rated yet
Where in Arkansas can you find three hours of big band music, dancing, and a $100 raffle, plus a free dance lesson? Why, the Bella Vista Big …

Marco Polo Reaches China - Samantha(8) Not rated yet
Marco Polo and his Uncle Maffeo and his Father, Niccolo, are now some of the first Europeans to reach China! To get to China he had to travel …

Perry Hopes You Forget - Geneva (14) Not rated yet
Campaigning for the presidency of the United States of America is Texas Governor Rick Perry, a 61 year old Republican with two children. He …

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