A Blue Bear for Curing Disease - Carson(12)

by Carson Hardee
(Lexington, KY)

Donna Fladhammer has three children, all living with a rare disease called PIDD. PIDD stands for Primary Immune Deficiency Disease which means the children all lack one or more immune proteins that are supposed to help them fight off diseases. All three of Fladhammer’s children receive IGIV (Immune Globulin Intravenous) treatments regularly to replace their missing immunoglobulin. Fladhammer wanted to find help her children and other kids who receive IGIV cope with the treatments. That’s when she came up with the idea of Igi V. (“Ig-ee-vee”).

Igi V. is a small blue bear that looks a lot like your average teddy bear. It has light blue skin, a dark blue nose and ears, and a happy smile. But, that’s not the special thing about this bear. Anyone with PIDD can get one of these bears for free, and it even comes with a special kit. The kit includes pretend IVIG supplies like Band-Aids, a pretend needle, and gauze. Kids can pretend to administer IGIV to their Igi V. bear while they are getting a treatment themselves.

The Igi V. doll is a great tool for children receiving IGIV. It not only is a great educational (and fun!) tool for kids, it can help doctors too. Igi V. is shaped just like a kid, so kids can use the bear to show doctors where they are in pain.

For more information regarding Igi V., log onto http://www.baxter.com/press_room/features/2010/01_05_10-igiv.html. There, you can find a link to order Igi V. Igi V. is free to all IGIV patients, but you can donate money to PIDD research and development.

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good man
by: Caverik

I did not know that it would be so much useful for purposes like these. It is wonderful to see that the living beings that we considered lazy and not useful be the prime reasons in changing the history for once and for all.

Great Essay
by: Anonymous

WOW! This essay has inspired me! Great essay!!!

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