The Character of Daniel Boone

by Tanner Hallman (11)
(Springfield, SC, USA)

Daniel Boone is mostly known for being a hunter. As a teenager, young Daniel loved perilous hunts. He killed the dangerous mountain lions, cunning foxes, timid deer, and ferocious bears. He turned out to be a more skillful hunter than his older brothers.

Daniel Boone loved to explore, even as much as he liked to hunt. He would journey into the deep, dark woods and would stay there for hours exploring. Daniel also took his "trusty rifle" with him, so if he discovered some big game, he could shoot it. Sometimes, during boring Quaker meetings, Daniel would slip out quietly just so he could go into the unmerciful and unloving woods.

One trait that helped him hunt and explore was his strength. As a grown man, he wasn't very tall, but his broad shoulders and muscular chest made up for it. If Daniel had to, he would kill something with his strong, bare hands.

Daniel's strength helped him to be courageous. There are many stories of his courage, but here are two of them. One time his daughter did something disobedient. She and her friends traveled upstream where they were ambushed and abducted by Indians. The clever girls secretly left clues to help their fathers find them. Daniel found them and scared off all the Indians with his gun. Another time was when 400 Indians came to attack, and Daniel stood his ground and beat them with only 50 men!

The last trait that Daniel was, that most of us are not, is humble. Daniel Boone was humble when people came to visit the "Legendary Daniel Boone." He would run off to his mysterious woods where he would wait until they gave up and left. Daniel didn't want to be known as a legendary, heroic, and courageous person. He just thought of himself as an ordinary guy, but most people know that the United States would not be what it is now, if Daniel Boone hadn't been born on November 2, 1734, in Pennsylvania.

Character Traits
1. Hunter
2. Explorer
3. Strength
4. Courage
5. Humble

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