Betsy Ross: The Woman Who Sewed Our Country Together

by Emily Letts (11)
(Columbia, SC, USA)

Betsy Ross was extremely industrious. At an early age, Betsy had already been stitching samplers, quilts, and clothes. By the time Betsy and her husband, John, had opened up their own upholstery shop, she had become a very accomplished upholsterer.

Because of the numerous hours Betsy spent working at her shop, she was quite devoted. Betsy and her husband had to buy fabric and supplies, yet they had little money. Thankfully, due to their perseverence, the shop survived.

Betsy's caring heart for her husband proved to be essential when he couldn't get away in time from an explosion. She diligently sat by his side and lovingly nurtured him until he died on January 21, 1776, from his wounds.

Creative is the only word that comes to my mind when I think about Betsy's many projects she eagerly did at her upholstery shop. She used her talent to make tablecloths, clothing, quilts, flags, umbrellas, and multiple other things. The most recognized project Betsy did was make the American flag.

Courage for Betsy wasn't always easy because she had such a short time limit to finish making the American flag. Her courage and determination had payed off. By the end of June, the flag was completed. Though the flag is completed, the symbolism of America still waves on.

Character Qualities of Betsy Ross

1. industrious
2. devoted
3. caring
4. creative
5. courageous

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Betsy Ross -The American Lady
by: Anonymous

We enjoyed reading your description of Betsy Ross. We were able to learn more about this famous figure. It was easy to read.

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