Thomas A. Edison: Be Thankful

by Anna Durand (9)

Thomas Alva Edison was very curious and liked to ask lots of questions. As a young boy, Thomas roosted on some eggs to see if they would hatch. Unfortunately because he experimented with fire, Edison accidently burned up his father's barn. To seek more answers, Thomas made a laboratory first in the cellar of his home and later in a baggage car. Thomas Edison, who had lots of questions in his youth continued to be curious all his life.

Thomas Edison was persistent as he tried to improve things. Thomas thoughtfully considered three thousand theories of electric light. Among other things, he improved the Bell telephone, which had recently been invented, so it would have a clearer sound. Cleverly he enhanced the phonograph and put it into a doll. Turn the crank and it would "talk"! Because he was very persistent, Edison tried new things.

Thomas Alva Edison, who was a brilliant genius, loved to be inventive. Successfully he invented a telegraph that printed the price of gold and silver. Edison interestingly made the phonograph, a machine that saves and replays sounds. Although many people do not remember, it was Thomas that made the first movie camera projector. Of course his most famous invention was the electric light bulb because before that people had to use candles or lanterns. Every night we should be thankful for Thomas Alva Edison and the electric light bulb.

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by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

Thomas was brilliant indeed! How could I make these comments without his inventions? The computer is a marvelous instrument. Without electricity it wouldn't even work!

Kathy Goldner

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