Mason(9) - The Character of George Mason

by Mason Harmon
(Columbia, SC USA)

George Mason was reluctant to take a job in politics, but in 1775 he took George Washington's place in the Virginia Legislature. The other delegates trusted Mason and he soon became a leader among them. The colonists trusted Mason because he worked dutifully to pass laws to help them during the War of Independence.

George Mason read many books about law and politics. He became very wise on these subjects. Mason felt that members of the government were "babblers" who "talked much, but said little." The members of the Virginia Legislature agreed that Mason was wise in what he said. Even Thomas Jefferson declared that George Mason was the "wisest man of his generation."

George Mason believed the government's number one job was to protect people's freedom. He was protective of slaves and believed slavery was wrong. Mason refused to sign the Constitution in 1787 because it did not protect people's rights.

Mason was persistent to have a "bill of rights." He made 138 speeches to the government about creating a "bill of rights." Mason also campaigned to abolish slavery and lead a group called the anti-Federalists, who were persistent in banning the Constitution.

Mason's thoroughness was shown when he wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights. He spent his life working diligently to protect people's rights and abolish slavery. Because of his thoroughness he was rewarded when, later, the Bill of Rights was modeled after his Virginia Declaration of Rights.

Character Qualities of George Mason
2. Wise
3. Protective
4. Persistent
5. Thorough

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Current Travel Possibilities
by: GM (not George Mason THE VIIII)

Your article helped me learn a lot about this man whose home we visited when we lived in Springfield, VA. (I suppose you know that there is a university in Northern VA named after him.)

by: Bear of Abilene

Man, what a great job.

Mason, youdaman!
by: Dad

Mason - Nice work, buddy! I'm proud of you!

Great Job!
by: Anonymous

Wonderful writing!

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