George Washington: The Father of Our Country

by Isaiah Durand (12)

George Washington was particularly honest. Legendarily and wisely, George Washington, when he was young, being questioned concerning the chopped down cherry tree, famously responded: "I can not tell a lie. I did it with my hatchet." When George rode his mother's unbroken colt to death his honesty was again tested. Yet it was not only in his youth that he, who was to be the first president of the United States of America, was sincere. All of his days, George Washington was truthful.

Courageous and brave, George Washington, while fighting in the French and Indian War, had two horses shot from under him and four bullets through his coat. Following that, George Washington calmly stopped the retreat so as to bury General Braddock. After crossing the icy Delaware River he became famous by defeating the unsuspecting British and Germans. This bold and daring move, which won for George Washington his French allies, demonstrated that he was always a courageous and brave man.

Being a humble and dedicated leader, George Washington held the troops together at Valley Forge. Did you know that he refused to be paid as General more than his expenses required? Although after his victories some declared he should be king, he modestly exclaimed that he had not fought the King of England to become a king himself. When he was elected president, he declined to be called "His Highness" and requested to be called "Mr. President" instead. George Washington, who is the father of our country, was truly a humble leader.

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Proud of George
by: Anonymous

I was pleased to read the report about George Washington. I didn't know he had two horses shot out from under him! Gracious! I admire him for being called 'Mr. President.' We have the best country in the world - thanks to George.

Kathy Goldner

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