The Good and Bad Character Traits of Anthony Wayne

by Josh Quay (10)
(Columbia, SC)

Anthony Wayne was a very brave man. At Chadd's Ford, he and his troops held back the British forces for three hours! He led his men to capture Stony Point using only bayonets, while being shot at! He would stand with his men at the front of the battle line.

Anthony Wayne was impulsive. He got the nickname "Mad" Anthony Wayne for his attitude. He had a very quick temper. Once he was called before the military court because he lost a battle. The leaders said he made a little mistake, but then "Mad" Anthony got mad. He demanded a full court martial, which could have taken his military career away. It wasn't a smart move!

Anthony Wayne was a true leader. He commanded the 4th Regiment of Pennsylvania. He captured Stony Point (and got a gold medal!) He commanded the Army of the Northwest and fought the Indians.

Anthony Wayne was a great patriot. He served in Pennsylvania and Canada, and even stayed all winter at Valley Forge. He was a strong supporter of American freedom. He organized his own militia at the start of the Revolutionary War.

Anthony Wayne was a statesman. He served in the Pennsylvania legislature before the war. He also served in the U. S. House of Representatives and at the Constitutional Convention. These character traits helped him serve his country in times of war and peace.

1. Brave
2. Impulsive
3. A leader
4. Patriot
5. Statesman

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