Fellowship of the Ring Vocabulary

The Fellowship of the Ring Vocabulary Words are listed by chapter in the order they appear in the text.

Fellowship of the Ring Vocabulary List

Features of our vocabulary word lists:

Chapter 1

  • Conjuror (or conjurer): wizard or someone who practice magical arts
  • Rumour (or rumor) - opinion or suspicion repeated among others
  • Nigh - near
  • Gape - stare with mouth open
  • Prostrate - lie flat on one’s face
  • Provender - food
  • Inevitable - an event that will necessarily occur
  • Liable - likely
  • Allude - refer to indirectly
  • Impromptu - unplanned, on the spot
  • Obstinate - stubborn
  • Imminent - about to happen immediately
  • Wrath - anger
  • Din - unpleasant noise
  • Ruefully - sadly
  • Belated - (adjective) late
  • Abominable - very unlikable

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