Classical Childrens Books

4th Grade Reading Club Certificate

Join the 4th Grade Book Club and earn a certificate for reading ten of the best classic books for fourth graders. Of course, there is no charge to join and you will enjoy some of the best books ever written.

4th grade book club reading certificate

Get Ready for Good Reading

Join the adventures of children capturing a wild pony, saving a train from disaster, protecting their family from animals with rabies. Let history come alive with these books on the 4th Grade book club list.

How It Works

We have listed our pick of the very best books by grade level. Students who read any ten of the thirteen books on the list can earn the Kalaidos Classical Childrens Book 4th Grade Book Club Award.

The process is simply:

Books in the 4thGrade Book Club List

Read the description of all thirteen books in the 4th Grade Reading List to choose the ones you would like to read.

You don't have to stop at ten. You can read them all!

What's the value of these books? These books tell about history, about culture, and about the most important parts of life.

There is also a variety. If you find you really like a particular book, you can use it to find other great books like it.

Our Fourth Grade Reading List

Submit the form below

If you have read ten books on the 4th Grade Book Club list, submit the form below to receive your certificate.

Submit your first and last name as you wish it to appear on your certificate.

The certificate will be emailed to you within 48 hours. We will NOT save your email address and promise not to use it for any other purpose.

By completing this form, you are stating that you have read the books in full.

4th Grade Book Club

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