Technology Lesson Plans

Introduce your middle school students to engineering with fact based worksheets and hands-on projects with our technology lesson plans from MatchCard Science.

Lesson #1: Types of Bridges

types of bridges worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #1: Diagram 4 different types of bridges.

Activities: Make models of the four different types of bridges. Make a poster showing variations in the different types. Conduct an experiment to see what features will support the most weight.

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Lesson #2: Aerodynammics

aerodynamics worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #2: Explain how four different forces affect a flying airplane.

Activities: Fly an airplane into the wind. Test objects for the speed of gravity. Investigate the impact of Bernoulli's Principle on toilet paper, drinking straws, water bottles, and wind socks.

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Lesson #3: Electronic Input and Outputs

electronic worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #3: Describe the 3 major parts of an electronic system.

Activities: Play the Input/Output game. Identify the input, output, and SPU on a variety of types of electronics.

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Lesson #4: Circuit Board

circuit board worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #4: Identify the function of devices on a circuit board.

Activities: Build a circuit board from a kit. Draw the official diagrams of each circuit board device.

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Lesson #5: Binary System

binary worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #5: Count in the binary number system and convert to decimal numbers.

Activities: Count objects using Base Four and the Binary System. Play Binary War, Binary Hot Potato, and Binary Jump Rope. Convert between binary and decimal numbers and from decimal to binary.

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Lesson #6: Personal Computer Systems

computer worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #6: Identify the main parts of a personal computer system.

Activities: Compare inputs and outputs on a variety of computer devices. Investigate what a browser does to computer code.

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Lesson #7: Lasers

laser worksheet click to print arrow

Describe how a laser beam is formed.

Activities: List the steps in the formation of a laser beam. Compare laser beams and flash light beams. Make a laser waterfall.

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Lesson #8: Robotics

laser worksheet click to print arrow

Describe 6 principles of robotics and list the 3 laws of the ethics of robotics.

Activities: Make a robotic hand. Compare robots and non-robots. Discuss the ethics of robotics. Compare commercially available robotic kits for kids.

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Lesson #9: Internal Combustion Engines

laser worksheet click to print arrow

List the four steps of combustion in an internal combustion engine.

Activities: Watch the combustion of flour. Learn the four strokes of an internal combustion engine. Compare four different kits for building models of an engine..

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