Circuit Board Lesson Plans

Our circuit board lesson plans & worksheet teach the function of 6 circuit board devices.

Circuit Board worksheet

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MatchCard Science Circuit Board Worksheet

Objective: Identify the function of devices on a circuit board.

MatchCard: Download below.

MatchCard Information Pieces identify the purpose of each the devices. Students place them in the correct box with the name and diagram of each function. Suggestions for building circuits are at the bottom of the page.

Snap Circuits

Print the Circuit Board MatchCard

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This is MatchCard #4 of the Technology Unit Study. Find more information on MatchCard Science below.

Parts of the Circuit Board

Need basic information about circuits? The Electrical Circuit MatchCard from the Light & Energy Unit study introduces students to the concept of an electrical circuit. An electrical circuit is made on a circuit board with additional electronic devices to process and change the incoming signals.

Electronic Inputs & Outputs are taught in the Technology MatchCard #3.


cell diagram

The cell supplies the energy for the circuit. A battery or electrical energy can be used to run your circuit board.


transformer diagram

The transformer is comprised of two or more coils which increase or decrease incoming voltage.


resistor diagram

The resistor decreases the current going through the circuit. Otherwise it becomes hot from wasted heat.


capacitor diagram

Capacitors are metal plates connected to one of two wires that store electrical charges until they reach a certain level.


amplifier diagram

Amplifiers turn weak electronic signals into strong electronic signals able to do more work.


cell diagram

A small amplifier that decreases the size of the machine since it amplifies many times its own size

Building Circuit Boards

Our favorite kit is Snap Circuits.
Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits have colorful, easy-to-handle, kid-friendly kits. Their color coded instruction manual is simple for a kid and non-techie adult to follow.

MatchCard Science

How To Use MatchCards

MatchCard Science Instructor's Guide

MatchCards are like flashcards - but fun. Students learn and review all the major science concepts with one MatchCard for each objective. Learn how to set up a MatchCard Notebook with the free download of the MatchCard Science Instructor's Guide.

Review 5 objectives a day, three days a week and watch how their knowledge of science expands.

Technology Unit Study

Technology Unit Study Cover

The technology unit study provides middle school studies with six different lessons to introduce them to beginning engineering and technology. Even the non-techies can have fun with these non-intimidating and practical lessons.

Download the complete Technology Unit Study for a four to six week course.

12 Complete MatchCard Science Unit Studies

MatchCard Science Cover

There's even more! MatchCard Science has a total of 12 unit studies comprising all major areas of science. Comprehensive objectives, reusable MatchCards, hands-on demonstrations, and suggested projects make MatchCard Science Unit Studies a rewarding science curriculum for students who like to get their hands into science.

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