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First Grade Sight and Phonic Words

Our weekly list of first grade sight words and corresponding phonics families gets your
1st grader off to a gentle start in reading.

See the bottom of this page for Teaching Ideas

Our first grade sight words and phonic word families list is below.

Each week there are: On most of the lists, the phonic family usually corresponds with one or more of the sight words.

1st Grade Reading List

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Week 1
Sight Words: one, day, away, over
Phonic Family: ay

Week 2
Sight Words: two, blue, yes, look
Phonic Family: ook

Week 3
Sight Words: three, seen, now, under
Phonic Family: ow

Week 4
Sight Words: four, here, there, time
Phonic Family: end

Week 5
Sight Words: five, out, jump, after
Phonic Family: out

Week 6
Sight Words: six, white, like, try
Phonic Family: ike

Week 7
Sight Words: seven, any, brown, from
Phonic Family: own (rhymes with brown)

Week 8
Sight Words: eight, our, soon, put
Phonic Family: oo (rhymes with soon)

Week 9
Sight Words: nine, they, them, word
Phonic Family: wor (work, world, worm)

Week 10
Sight Words: ten, where, while, each
Phonic Family: each

Week 11
Sight Words: eleven, when, then, who
Phonic Family: ust

Week 12
Sight Words: twelve, night, very, were
Phonic Family: ight

Week 13
Sight Words: thirteen, your, sleep
Phonic Family: ee

Week 14
Sight Words: fourteen, ride, fast, home
Phonic Family: ide

Week 15
Sight Words: fifteen, name, live, pull
Phonic Family: ive (long and short sounds)

Week 16
Sight Words: sixteen, should, could, would
Phonic Family: ould

Week 17
Sight Words: seventeen, wind, said
Phonic Family: ind

Week 18
Sight Words: eighteen, off, cut, start
Phonic Family: ar

Week 19
Sight Words: nineteen, mine, store, date
Phonic Family: silent e

Week 20
Sight Words: twenty, eat, meat
Phonic Family: ea (long)

Week 21
Sight Words: does, goes, read, bread
Phonic Family: ea (short)

Week 22
Sight Words: rain, cold, hot, train
Phonic Family: ai

Week 23
Sight Words: why, sing, street
Phonic Family: ing

Week 24
Sight Words: think, cool, cross, drink
Phonic Family: ink

Week 25
Sight Words: boat, road, coat
Phonic Family: oa

Week 26
Sight Words: paper, water, number, letter
Phonic Family: er - two syllable

Week 27
Sight Words: father, sister, bother, mother
Phonic Family: continue er

Week 28
Sight Words: funny, color, food, good
Phonic Family: unny

Week 29
Sight Words: silly, happy, carry, tiny
Phonic Family: y - two syllable words

Week 30
Sight Words: doing, going, thinking, running
Phonic Family: ing

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How to Use the Word Lists to Teach Reading

Find ideas on how to teach first grade words using phonics and sight words combined.

Curious about the phonics vs sight words debate? Yes, there is disagreement but that doesn't have to stop you from empowering your child to read any word.

You might also like to view our Reading Confidence Cards, a great way to reinforce and practice reading.

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