Reading Confidence Cards

Reading Confidence Cards use repetition and simple activities with common words.

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What Is On the Reading Confidence Cards?

reading cards There are 32 sets of cards, and each set has eight cards.
Each set of eight cards has a theme with a repeating sequence of high frequency words.
For instance, the first set contains cards with these Consonant-Vowel-Consonant sentences: A later set presents these sentences:

What Do The Reading Confidence Cards Teach?

Each of the 32 sets teaches one or more high frequency words.
In addition, the cards reinforce phonic skills or groups of words.

The cards are presented first to last in order of difficulty. However, they can be given to the student in any order to follow the scope and sequence of a particular program you are using.

How Does It Work?

Cut the cards apart and put them in a pile. The student will draw a card, read it, and do the activity for that set.

Students gain confidence from reading the simple cards and doing the simple activities suggested. The activities are additional and do not have to be done. However, many children are "hands on" and like doing the suggested activities.

Introduce one set of cards each week. The student can read the cards with you. Then have the students do the suggested activity. The students can repeat it one more time during the week if they enjoy it or more practice is needed.

Keep a stack of the cards already learned for review. Once a week you can have the student draw one of the cards from each completed set. They will then read the cards. The activities are not done during the review.

Once you are certain the student can read all the words in a set without any hesitation, that set is no longer reviewed.

If the progression of these cards is too fast for the student, introduce one set every two or four weeks instead of every week. You can also break it down so the student only reads four of the cards at a time.

What Kind of Activities Are Done With the Reading Confidence Cards?

There are three main types of activities:

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