Kindergarten Word Lists

Sight Words and Phonic Families for Kindergarten

Use this list of kindergarten sight words and phonic families to get your child off to a strong start in reading.

Each Week you will present: In most cases, the sight words and phonic family are related.

This gentle approach adds a few words and one concept a week. Watch their slow and steady progress.

See below for teaching activities

Week 1
Sight Words: a, at
Phonic Family: at

Week 2
Sight Words: is, it
Phonic Family: it

Week 3
Sight Words: in, on
Phonic Family: in

Week 4
Sight Words: am, I
Phonic Family: an

Week 5
Sight Words: not, no
Phonic Family: op

Week 6
Sight Words: my, me
Phonic Family: long e

Week 7
Sight Words: go, up
Phonic Family: ed

Week 8
Sight Words: and, are
Phonic Family: and

Week 9
Sight Words: her, you
Phonic Family: review "h"

Week 10
Sight Words: big, small
Phonic Family: all

Week 11
Sight Words: to, do
Phonic Family: un

Week 12
Sight Words: let, he
Phonic Family: et

Week 13
Sight Words: him, his
Phonic Family: review to, do, no, so, go

Week 14
Sight Words: good, was
Phonic Family: oy

Week 15
Sight Words: car, us
Phonic Family: ar

Week 16
Sight Words: this, that
Phonic Dipthong: th

Week 17
Sight Words: old, of
Phonic Family: old

Week 18
Sight Words: stop, see
Phonic Family: est

Week 19
Sight Words: she, ship
Phonic Dipthong: sh

Week 20
Sight Words: come, came
Phonic Family: ame

Week 21
Sight Words: black, green
Phonic Family: ack

Week 22
Sight Words: are, more
Phonic Family: ick

Week 23
Sight Words: have, had
Phonic Family: ock

Week 24
Sight Words: want, take
Phonic Family: ake

Week 25
Sight Words: with, will
Phonic Family: ill

Week 26
Sight Words: must, some
Phonic Family: ide

Week 27
Sight Words: what, why
Phonic Dipthong: wh

Week 28
Sight Words: for, but
Phonic Family: one (long: bone, cone)

Week 29
Sight Words: made, child
Phonic Dipthong: ch

Week 30
Sight Words: by, fly
Phonic Family: y

Teaching Activites

Looking for ideas on activities for teaching kindergarten words? We have pages of suggested activities and games.

Confused by the debate about sights words vs. phonics families? We can help clear the fog and give you simple tools that work.

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