Second Grade Sight and Phonic Words

Phonics + Sight Words for 2nd Grade

Second grade sight words become more advanced than those used in first grade. This list gives students five words that reinforce and important phonic principle. There are also five common words with irregular spellings that are not presented phonically. Second grade word flashcards below.

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How To Use These Lists

To improve both the rate and fluency of learning to read, we teach words in phonic families. It is easier to learn similar words together than to learn all of them separately.

Many of our most common words have irregular spellings or use phonetically advanced concepts. Words such as "the", "through", "one" are necessary in order to learn to read simple sentences, but are difficult from a phonics perspective. These words are taught as sight words: ie, they are presented independent of phonic principals or spelling groups.

These second grade word lists contain 30 lists for reading and spelling. Each list has:
If this list seems too challenging for your student, go back to the first grade word list.

If this list is too easy, consider the lists in Level 3 of Syllable Savvy Spelling.

Teaching ideas at the botton of this page.

Second Grade Word Lists

Week 1

Sight Words: pretty, open, help, also, walk
Phonics/Spelling: "ing" at the end of simple words

Week 2

Sight Words: once, twice, people, orange, above
Phonics/Spelling: ice & ace

Week 3

Sight Words: often, use, front, most, last
Phonics/Spelling: est, ost, ast

Week 4

Sight Words: real, near, purple, candy, house
Phonics/Spelling: Y at the end of 1 and 2 syllable words

Week 5

Sight Words: along, round, about, head, move
Phonics/Spelling: ound

Week 6

Sight Words: start, work, water, thank, drink
Phonics/Spelling: review "ing" at the end of some words

Week 7

Sight Words: high, soap, eye, nose, mouth
Phonics/Spelling: igh

Week 8

Sight Words: turn, smart, tire, clean, watch
Phonics/Spelling: "ed" at the end of verbs

Week 9

Sight Words: drive, bread, felt, know, grass
Phonics/Spelling: br, dr, cr, gr

Week 10

Sight Words: flew, flight, plant, else, spoon
Phonics/Spelling: fl, sl, pl

Week 11

Sight Words: heart, save, strike, blow, catch
Phonics/Spelling: "ing" at the end of words ending in silent e

Week 12

Sight Words: bird, wild, girl, sent, corner
Phonics/Spelling: ir

Week 13

Sight Words: every, fourth, warm, read, draw
Phonics/Spelling: ew

Week 14

Sight Words: change, seem, without, within, until
Phonics/Spelling: compound words

Week 15

Sight Words: hole, ahead, winter, summer, desk
Phonics/Spelling: ask and esk

Week 16

Sight Words: neat, float, hung, branch, tried
Phonics/Spelling: change y to i before ed

Week 17

Sight Words: love, fell, someone, something, drove
Phonics/Spelling rule: no words end in "v"

Week 18

Sight Words: can't, won't, isn't, didn't, aren't
Phonics/Spelling: contractions

Week 19

Sight Words: miss, school, into, boxes, trash
Phonics/Spelling: "oo" 2 sounds

Week 20

Sight Words: show, job, next, use, drip
Phonics/Spelling: s at the end of a verb

Week 21

Sight Words: never, pull, other, since, splash
Phonics/Spelling: spl, str,

Week 22

Sight Words: skinny, lots, fish, bush, catch
Phonics/Spelling: "es" after sh and ch

Week 23

Sight Words: today, half, more, trip, poor
Phonics/Spelling: oor and ore

Week 24

Sight Words: you're, they're, we're, I'm, he'll, she'll
Phonics/Spelling: contractions

Week 25

Sight Words: act, pass, follow, yellow, patch
Phonics/Spelling: "es" after s

Week 26

Sight Words: anyone, anything, anybody, happening, laugh
Phonics/Spelling: ph

Week 27

Sight Words: learn, turn, heard, ear, steer
Phonics/Spelling: unusual "er" and "eer" sounds

Week 28

Sight Words: inside, outside, upside, wheel, dream
Phonics/Spelling: ea and ee

Week 29

Sight Words: easy, busy, wives, lives, knives
Phonics/Spelling: change f to v before adding s

Week 30

Sight Words: end, done, enough, through
Phonics/Spelling: ough

Teaching Ideas

Ideas on teaching second grade reading.

Second Grade Sight Words and Phonics Families Flashcards

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