Handwriting Practice

Handwriting practice with The Better Letter Primer includes two techniques for improving penmanship. The free handwriting practice worksheets are included, as well as guidelines below for coaching penmanship.

Once your student has completed the worksheets for the four steps of The Better Letter Primer, handwriting lessons are not over. Consider spending a few sessions a month coaching your student on penmanship?

Penmanship Coaching?

What kind of nonsense is this? It's not like this is footbal!

Actually, you will find that one on one coaching produces better penmanship than pages and pages of handwriting practice sheets.

Think about it. Nice handwriting is a physical skill. Are physical skills better learned through guided practice or through worksheets?

How Does Penmanship Coaching Work?

Two to four times a month, have a sit down session working with the child on writing skills. This can reinforce mechanics as well as penmanship.

Sit to the left of a right-handed child or to the right of a left-handed child. This enables you to watch the writing.

Give a few instructions at a time. Don't overwhelm them with multiple criticisms and expectations.

Guidelines for Improvement

Here are some of the guidelines that can help students improve their penmanship
Younger students may also need coaching on mechanics. Penmanship coaching should be a relaxed time. If you are getting impatient, your tension will lead to more mistakes on the students' part. Remember that this part of writing, like all other aspects, develops over time.

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