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Step 3 - Correct Number Formation

These free handwriting worksheets are from the Better Letter Primer.
In these lessons, correct number formation is taught in three groups.

No, we didn't make a mistake. Check below to find why we teach number formation in such a strange order.

Improve penmanship step by step.

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Better Letter Primer

A Handwriting Program For Correct Number and Letter Formation

Our Better Letter Primer helps students correctly write numbers and letters. There are four steps in this program:

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Correct Number Formation

Step Three of the Better Letter Primer

Children are usually taught numbers in the order 1 through 10. It makes perfect sense. If you are teaching children in kindergarten and younger this is the best order to teach the numbers.

Students will sometimes reverse the direction of the digits as they write them. This is expected. In kindergarten there is a far greater need to understand the digits than to worry about reversals.

The Better Letter Primer does not teach mathematical concepts. Instead, it is a handwriting program to teach correct formation of letters and numbers. Step Three is particularly important for those students who do not correctly form their numbers when writing.

With these free handwriting worksheets, the numbers have been arranged in three different groups. As with the letters, they are grouped according to the strokes of the pencil. It is assumed the students already know what the numbers mean.

First Group - Head Downward

Numbers: 1, 4, 6

The first set of numbers are those that head straight downward.

The one, of course, is easiest.

"Down and over, down some more, that's the way we make a 4."

Students can start by making the six come almost straight down, then curve to the left in the writing direction.

Second Group - Left to Right

Numbers: 2, 3, 7

The second group of numbers, follows the L2RW direction.

These letters can be confusing because the student may try to start with a "c" formation and make the numbers in reverse. Explain that 2, 3, and 7 are going in the "writing direction." If you used the story line for L2RW you can say they are "going to see their friend."

Third Group - Back to the Left

Numbers: 5, 8, 9
Like the letters in Group 4 (c, g, a, etc.) of the Letter Groups the numbers 5, 8, and 7 start in the opposite direction of the L2RW direction. We use the statement "see me back home" to remind students that some letters and numbers are like the letter "c." It wants to head back "home" to the left side of the page.

The "c" formation is used with these letters.
The "8" starts with a "c" which is "hanging in the air". The pencil then moves to make an "s" curve and back up.
"Make a 'c' then make an 's'. To the top and do your best."

The "9" also has a "c in the air." The "c" is closed by the pencil which then heads straight down to the bottom line.

The "5" can be made as a "square looking c" at the start. Some programs still teach the the flag as the last part of the "5." "Down and around before you stop you make a top."

Fourth Group

A fourth group is also included on these free handwriting worksheets.

The numbers 10, 12, and 15 are written to assist the students to remember that numbers between 10 and 19 begin with the "1".

Memory Aid

5 8 9                                                         2 3 7
It is often harder for the students to differentiate the correct direction for numbers than letters.

You can give the students two index cards to keep at their desk. One has "237" on it, and the other has "589."

At first, you can put the 589 in the left corner, and the 237 in the right corner. With time, students should place the cards themselves.

After several weeks, the cards can be cut into three pieces, and the student has to remember which corner they go into.

You can also verbally quiz the students. "Which three numbers start with the "c"?

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Download for the Number Groups

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Step Four

In Step One you learned Left To Right Writing. In Step Two the 8 letter groups were taught. Once you have completed number formation in Step Three you are ready for the next step.

In Step Four students practice handwriting so they can master correct number and letter formation.

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