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3rd Grade Reading

This 3rd grade reading list gives you our top picks for quality literature. Here are the 13 books in the Kaleidos 3rd Grade Language Arts program.

Aesop's Fables

By Aesop

Short fables introduce young readers to the famous animals of the ancient Greek story teller and to the concept of looking for the moral of a story. Dover Publication's Unabridged Edition provides 35 short and easy to read tales in larger print.

The Bears On Hemlock Mountain

By Alice Dalgliesh

A folk tale from Pennsylvania, this is the story of a boy afraid of bears who needs to make a trip over Hemlock Mountain. The easy to read book has the perfect amount of repetition and gentle humor to engage young readers. Adults, too, will find themselves asking, "Are there bears on Hemlock Mountain?"

The Courage of Sarah Noble

By Alice Dalgliesh

This is the true story of a young girl who travels with her father through the Connecticut wilderness in the early 1700's. Sarah's resolve to be brave is tested when her father leaves her with a tribe of Native Americans. Sarah learns about bravery and friendship.

The Story of Harriet Tubman

By Kate McMullan

A beautiful story of the brave woman who became a successful conductor on the Underground Railroad, this biography of Harriet Tubman is perfect for young readers and adventure lovers alike. It chronicles her life from childhood to her death at the age of 92.

The Light at Tern Rock

By Julia Sauer

Ronnie agrees to stay with his aunt at the lighthouse at Tern Rock while the lightkeeper takes a 2 week vacation. But what happens when the lightkeeper doesn't come back? Ronnie learns not only about life on a desolate rock, but forgiveness and the true meaning of Christmas.

The Cabin Faced West

By Jean Fritz

A true story written by the great-great-grand-daughter of the main character, The Cabin Faced West describes pioneer life in the late 1700's. This is 100 years before the Little House books. Ann's family has moved away from town life in the American colonies to the far Western Frontier. At that time, the far West was Western Pennsylvania. Ann is not happy with frontier life, until an unexpected visitor comes for dinner.

A Lion To Guard Us

By Clyde Robert Bulla

Amanda, Meg, and Jemmy are stuck in London while their father is over the ocean at the first Jamestown Settlement. Little do they realize when they set out to find him that tragedy, shipwreck, and betrayal are in store for them. But in the end, the search for their father is rewarded, though they don't find what they expect in Virginia.

Soft Rain: A Story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears

By Cornelia Cornelissen

Soft Rain is a fictitious nine-year old Cherokee girl who is uprooted from her home when her people are forced to move out West. Leaving behind her Grandmother and beloved pet, she makes the difficult journey, hoping to be reunited with her father and brother at the other end.

Charlotte's Web

Talking animals and a wise spider teach about life and relationships - from a barnyard perspective. This is a long standing favorite 3rd grade reading book that gently teaches about death and change.

Rabbit Hill

By Robert Lawson

All the animals on Rabbit Hill are excited when new folks move into the abandoned house. But what kind of folks will they be? Little Georgie has reason to be concerned when his friend Willie disappears.

Robin Hood

Modern Childrens' Thrift Edition by Bob Blaisdell

This Dover Publication retlling of the Robin Hood tales will aquaint young adventure-seekers with the notoriously popular outlaw and his band of merry men. This edition has 13 chapters, scattered illustrations, and easy-to-read print making it perfect for third graders.

The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog

By John Erickson

Hank the Cowdog is the Head of Ranch Security and with fearless integrity he runs a tight ship. Or maybe not. Kids will enjoy the canine humor of Hank's encounters with chickens, cats, foxes, and porcupines as he guards the ranch - at least between naps.

Tales Of Uncle Remus

By Julius Lester

Julius Lester has rewoven the old stories of Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox for a younger generation of students. The crafty rabbit continues to outsmart the old fox with tales reminescent of slave life on the plantation.

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