Evaporation and Condensation

Evaporation, Condensation, Freezing and Melting Science MatchCard

Explore the states of matter with the Evaporation and Condensation Matchcard.

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Light & Energy Unit Study

Freezing, Melting, Evaporation
and Condensation MatchCard

Objective: Explain how molecules change when a substance freezes, melts, evaporates, and condenses.

This cool science experiment will demonstrate some of the changes a substances undergoes as it changes from solid to liquid to gas.

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Freezing and Melting MatchCard

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This is MatchCard #6 of the Light and Energy Unit Study. Find more information on MatchCard Science below.

Experiment with the States of Matter

States of Matter Experiments


With the first part of this experiment, the student will examine how a liquid changes as it freezes into a solid. Two re-sealable sandwich bags are used as the water changes to the other states and back again.
Explain that the molecules in the ice got closer together, until they joined in a lattice-shaped form.

Human Demonstration

Illustrate this by holding on to each other with outstretched arms and elbows locked straight out. You are far from each other.

The liquid state can be illustrated by pulling your arms in with your elbows bent. You can touch each other's arms with your elbows. You are allowed to move around, but keep touching each other's arms. You are closer together, but moving more. You are also not as tightly connected.


Melting is one of the easiest transitions of the states of matter to understand.
Use the Evaporation and Condensation MatchCard to illustrate the temperature changes that occur as substances move from the solid to liquid to gaseous state.


Now let's return to our sandwich bag. This can be done with a stove top or microwave. As an alterative, the bag can be placed in a full pot of boiling water.

Alternative Boiling Experiment

Boiling Experiment

You will need a thin glass bottle with a narrow mouth and a large balloon (not the tiny water sized balloons.) You will also need a pan of water, a stove, and adult supervision. Explain that as molecules heat up, they move faster. They get further apart and have no bond with each other.

Human Demonstration

Illustrate this with a group of blind folded people playing group tag in a room. You are not connected, you are moving quickly, you bump into each other, and you take up more space.


Condensation occurs as a substance in the vapor state (gas) is cooled and returned to a liquid state.

Alternative Condensing Experiment

Condensing Experiment

Put a metal spoon in the freezer to chill. Then boil water on the stove top. When you see the steam, hold the chilled spoon over the steam. The water vapor will cool and liquify on the spoon.

Point out the illustrations on the Evaporation and Condensation MatchCard to show the movement of molecules as the states of matter change.

The Hunt

Additional idea: Illustrate or photograph some of these scenarios.

MatchCard Science

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