Solid Liquid Gas Worksheet

States of Matter MatchCard

The Solid Liquid Gas Worksheet from MatchCard Science Chemistry Unit Study explores the states of matter.

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States of Matter Worksheet

Chemistry Unit Study

MatchCard Science Solid Liquid Gas Worksheet

Objective: Identify the properties of the solid, liquid, and gaseous states.

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MatchCard Information Pieces identify the shapes and molecular behavior of substances in the solid state, the liquid state, and the gaseous state. Students match the descriptions with the correct state of matter.

Projects: Measure the temperature that water changes to ice and when it evaporates. Add other chemicals to see if it affects the temperature where the state of matter changes.

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This is MatchCard #9 of the Chemistry Unit Study. Find more information on MatchCard Science below.

Let's Get Started

Have ice cubes and a glass of water on hand. Ask the student to tell how they are alike and how they are different.

Answer: They are alike because they are made out of H2O. They are different because the ice is colder and frozen.

You may wish to review the Freezing, Melting, Evaporation, Condensation MatchCard to identify how temperature changes the states of matter.

Measure the Temperature Changes

Use a scientific thermometer to measure the temperature of the water when no ice is left in the glass. This will require checking the temperature at least every five minutes.

This is the melting temperature of ice.

Now, put the water in a pan and turn the stove on it's lowest setting. Again, measure the temperature when the water starts to boil and evaporate.

This is the boiling/evaporating temperature of water.

Other Substances

Every substance has a melting/freezing temperature and a evaporating/condensing temperature.

With some substances, the melting temperature is so high we cannot turn it into a liquid or gas on this planet.

Likewise, some gases have an evaporating/condensing temperature that is so low, there is no chance of it turning into a liquid on Earth.

Let's Experiment

If you add common chemicals to water, does it change the boiling or freezing point. Design an experiment to find out.

Here's some chemicals you might try to add:

Physical Properties of Matter

All liquids have certain things in common in regard to their shape and behavior of molecules. The same with solids and gases.


The shape of a solid does not change unless an outside force is applied to it. Solids maintain there own shape.

Molecules in a solid are held tightly together and vibrate slowly.


Substances in a liquid state take the shape of the container. A liquid has no shape of its own.

Molecules in a liquid are held loosely together and vibrate rapidly.


A gas has no shape. Particles move in all directions and expand outside of the walls of a container.

The molecules in a gas are not connected and are in constant motion.

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