Types of Mountains Worksheet

Investigate the five types of mountains

The 5 Types of Mountains worksheet is part of the MatchCard Science Geology Unit Study for 3rd to 8th grade.

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types of mountains worksheet matchcard Geology Unit Study

MatchCard Science Types of Mountains Worksheet

Objective: Explain the formation of the five types of mountains.

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Use the information pieces on the 3rd page to describe the five mountain types, their formation, and if they are found as single mountains or a mountain range.

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This is MatchCard #7 of the Geology Unit Study. Look below for more information on MatchCards and the MatchCard Science curriculum.

Let's Form The Mountain Ranges

While the study of science generally includes experiments and projects that demonstrate scientific phenomenon, it is a bit difficult to produce mountain ranges in a lab. Mountain formations do take a little bit of time.

However, one project that students enjoy and helps them understand the formation of the different types of mountains includes creating mountains out of paper mache. It's not only educational, its also artistic - and messy.

Supplies Needed:
For this activity, you may consider extending it for one five-day week. Each day you can start by learning about and forming a different type of mountain.

Before forming each type of mountain range, start with a paper mache demonstration of the formation. For instance, with the folded mountains, make a layer several thicknesses deep of the paper mache paper. Push the two ends towards each other to watch the mountains rise.

See if you can imitate the formation with your wet, goopy mess. Then continue with your activity as you create your mountains and mountain ranges out of your molds. Have fun!

Types of Mountains

See the diagrams above for the arrows indicating direction of pressure.

Folded Mountains

folded mountain diagram

Types of Mountains - 1st Mountain

Forms: Range of Mountains

Folded mountains are formed when pressure from both sides causes the ground to buckle towards the middle. This buckling causes a mountain range.

Domed Mountains

domed mountain diagram

2nd Mountain Type

Forms: Single Mountains

Pressure from below the surface of the earth pushes the mountain upward. These mountains are single mountains with rounded, dome-shaped tops.

Fault Block Mountains

fault block mountain diagram

3rd Mountain Type

Forms: Range of Mountains

The pressure of one plate against another plate pushes the second plate upwards. These form steep mountain ranges.

Volcanic Mountains

volcanic mountain diagram

4th Mountain Type

Forms: A Single Volcano

A vent from the earth's mantle to the surface causes the formation of a volcano. Watch out for lava!

Plateau Mountains

plateau mountain diagram

5th Mountain Type

Forms: Range of Mountains

Erosion from running water carves mountains into tall plateaus. This is the only type of mountain that is formed from pressure above the earth's surface.

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