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Geology for Kids

These projects will make them well-grounded about the Earth's crust and core.

Worksheets, Projects, and Experiments on Geology for Kids in 3rd to 8th grade.

Geology Worksheets and Projects

Geology is a rock solid subject. Nine objectives will give your students an introduction to this branch of Earth Science.

Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #1: Compare rocks and minerals.

Geology Projects: Practice cleaving rocks and minerals. Grow your own minerals.

Read More:Rocks and Minerals For Kids

Layers of the Earth

Layers of the Earth Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #2: Describe the location and consistency of the earth's layers.

Geology Projects Make a model of the Earth's core.

Read More: The 3 Layers of the Earth

Effect of Weathering

Weathering Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #3: Explain the effect of weathering on the earth's surface.

Geology Projects: Make a river bed in a bottle, explore shorelines of local creeks, watch your sugar cube formation get attacked by the wind, compare types of soil and wind erosion, see if ice or glass is stronger than the other, check out what acid rain will do to steel, go on a cemetery field trip.

Geology Science Fair Project: What will provide better shield from wind weathering: bushes, trees, or fences. Find out with your own experiment.

Read More: Our land also weathers the weather.

The Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #4: Identify the three main groups of rocks and tell how they are formed.

Geology Projects: Collect and classify rocks. Morph crayons into imitation rocks.

Read More: Rocks get Recycled Too

Mohs Test

Mohs Hardness Scale Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #5: Apply Mohs' test to identify the hardness of minerals.

Geology Projects: Practice testing rocks with Mohs Test.

Read More:Mohs Test for Mineral Hardness

More Tests for Mineral Identification

Mineral Identification Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #6: Describe other tests for analyzing minerals.

Geology Projects: Use other tests for mineral identification.

Read More:Colors and Streaks: Other Mineral Id Tests.

Types of Mountains

Types of Mountains Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #7: Explain the formation of different types of mountains.

Geology Projects: Imitate the formation of mountains and mountain ranges with paper mache.

Read More: Five Types of Mountains.


Volcano Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #8: Identify the parts of a volcano.

Geology Projects:Erupt a volcano. Examine volcanic rocks. Use pumice as a cleaning agent.

Read More: Volcanos Erupt.


Earthquake Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #9: Evaluate the impact of waves in an earthquake.

Geology Projects: Use a slinky and a rubber ducky to investigate types of earthquake waves. Construct a city out of blocks and watch an earthquake hit. Look at a globe to see how the quake impacts different areas of the world.

Read More: 3 Types of Earthquake Waves.

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MatchCard Science is a hands-on homeschool science curriculum with MatchCards for each objective covering 12 different units.

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