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5 things you need for a complete homeschool chemistry course

Chemistry Experiment In Progress

1. Chemistry Experiments

Chemistry wouldn't be chemistry if you didn't do some mixing and pouring, shifting and stirring. But just where do you get the stuff to mix and stir?

Okay, technically these are chemistry demonstrations, because true science experiments are conducted to test a hypothesis without knowing the real outcome. I don't know about you, but I really don't want my kids mixing chemicals without anyone really knowing what the outcome is going to be.

But in the usual, everyday language, an experiment is a hands-on way of doing science, and chemistry just wouldn't be chemistry if we didn't do a little mixing and pouring. Nor would it be much fun for anyone.

Here are three possible resources for your chemistry experiments.

Thames & Kosmos Chemistry C500

Chemistry Kit

Okay, just to give you a heads up, here are the "every-day household items" you will need to complete these experiments.

MatchCard Projects

Chemistry Acid Base Experiment

It doesn't come in a neat little box, but the activities suggested in MatchCard Science Chemistry Unit (see below) will also provide you with hands-on chemistry activities.

2. Chemistry Curriculum

Well, of course you want your little Einstein to stir and pour his or her way into the chemistry hall of fame, but it takes more than just some chemistry experiments to accomplish that. You are going to need a chemistry curriculum that teaches the basic facts and concepts of chemistry.

MatchCard Science Chemistry Unit Study

Electron Configuration Worksheet States of Matter Worksheet Conservation of Mass Worksheet Periodic Table Worksheet

The MatchCard Science Chemistry Unit Study provides all the information listed above and more. It's twelve objectives include: In addition to the MatchCard's that provide all the information to complete the objectives, this homeschool chemistry unit study provides the answer key and suggested hands-on activities.

3. Molecular Models

While we do use paper plates, marshmallows, and Styrofoam balls to help students visualize molecules, sooner or later you will need a professional chemistry model set to demonstrate molecular bonds.

Molymod Student Set

Molymod chemistry models

Molymod does have a student set of 52 pieces that allows students to make molecules of the following:

MatchCard Science

How To Use MatchCards


MatchCards make science concepts and corresponding vocabulary interactive. As students move the information pieces on the MatchCards they review the material they have already learned.

Download the FREE MatchCard Science Instructor's Guide and see how MatchCards can make building their science knowledge base fun.

Astronomy Unit Study

Astronomy Unit Study Cover

Your budding astronomers will learn how to track the great celestial bodies across the night sky. From the sun and moon, to stars and galaxies, worlds of wonder are waiting to be explored.

Explore the universe with the MatchCard Science Astronomy Unit Study..

12 Science Unit Studies

MatchCard Science Cover

Chemistry is only one of twelve complete unit studies for kids in 3rd to 8th grade.

Comprehensive objectives, hands-on projects, suggested science fair experiments, and the fun game-like MatchCards keep them interested in learning science. See all twelve MatchCard Science Unit Studies.

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