Fish Coloring Pages

Learn the Unique Body Parts of a Fish

Use these worksheets as coloring pages to learn the anatomy of a fish.

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fish coloring sheet

Zoology Unit Study

MatchCard Science Fish

Objective: Describe the unique parts of a fish.

MatchCard: Download below.

MatchCard Information Pieces have the name, description, and function of seven parts of fish. Students match the information pieces to the fish diagram.

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This is MatchCard #3 of the Zoology Unit Study. Find more information on MatchCard Science below.

Learning About Fish


Parts of a Fish

Here are seven body parts unique to fish:

Fish Activities for Kids

Fish Worksheet

Use the worksheet as a coloring page as the students become familiar with the major parts of fish.


Pet Store

Take a trip to a pet store that sells fish. Spend time comparing the five different types of fish of several species of fish.

As an alternative, do an internet search or look in an encyclopedia for several different types of fish. Compare the different body parts.

Make Your Own

Kids can artistical show the comparison of fish and the size and shapes of their fins through:


If you live within a few hours of an aquarium, it makes an interesting field trip.

Go Fishing

No one knows fish better than fisherman. You can learn the habitat, seasons, and favorite foods of different species by fishing.

Interested in the Ocean?

Ocean Unit Study Cover

We have an entire Oceanography Unit Study to learn about life on the other 2/3's of our planet.

MatchCard Science

How To Use MatchCards


MatchCards make science concepts and corresponding vocabulary interactive. As students move the information pieces on the MatchCards they review the material they have already learned.

Download the FREE MatchCard Science Instructor's Guide and see how MatchCards can make building their science knowledge base fun.

Zoology Unit Study

Zoology Unit Study Cover

From microscopic protozoa to elephants and whales, learn more about the animals on this planet with the MatchCard Science Zoology Unit Study.

There are a total of thirteen zoology objectives and MatchCards for this unit which will take 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

12 Science Unit Studies

MatchCard Science Cover

Chemistry is only one of twelve complete unit studies for kids in 3rd to 8th grade.

Comprehensive objectives, hands-on projects, suggested science fair experiments, and the fun game-like MatchCards keep them interested in learning science. See all twelve MatchCard Science Unit Studies.

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