Butterfly Metamorphosis

The butterfly metamorphosis worksheet is from the MatchCard Science Zoology Unit Study for grades 3 - 8. This worksheet is for younger students and can be a review for older students.

butterfly life-cycle worksheet

MatchCard Science Insect Worksheet

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butterfly life-cycle worksheet
Zoology Unit Study

Objective: Explain the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

MatchCard: Download below.

MatchCard Information Pieces have the terms for insect lifecycles in general and the butterfly life-cycle specifically. Students match the terms to the diagrams on the worksheet.

Print the Butterfly Metamorphosis MatchCard

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This is MatchCard #2 of the Zoology Unit Study. Find more information on MatchCard Science below.

Learn About Buttefly Metamorphosis

stages of butterfly metamorphosis

Insect Metamorphosis

Butterflies are one of the most popular insects. But they are not the only ones that go through metamorphosis. Learn the stages of insect metamorphosis and the vocabulary of the butterfly as it goes through its natural life cycle.

Butterfly Learning Activities

Butterfly Kits

It is a great activity to purchase a butterfly kit and watch them change. Our kids have done this several times and it is always fascinating.

A number of different butterfly kits can be purchased with coupons to get butterflies in the larva stage.

Butterfly and Caterpillar Colors

Make a colored poster of different species of butterflies and the caterpillars of the same species. Pay attention to the colors and designs.

Plants and Insects

Visit a butterfly garden. List plants that attract butterflies. Consider planting some in your yard and watching for the eggs, larva and pupa.

Draw or photograph the insects on your garden plants at different stages of development.

Butterfly Migration

Do an internet search for butterfly migration. Make a map of their geographic locations at different stages.

Moth vs. Butterfly

Moths can sometimes fool you. Do a comparison of the difference between the two both in the adult and the larva stages.

Other Insects

Compare the life stages for butterflies and another insect. Some students are more interested in lice or stink bugs than butterflies or lady bugs.

Here's a cheerful little metamorphosis chart to compare to our beautiful butterflies: I definitely think I prefer the butterfly larva.

Larva, Larvae, Pupa, Pupae

These are the singular and plural Latin endings:

Butterfly Art

There is no limit to your options for butterfly art. You can use: But rather than just making this a craft project, have the students make the different colors of different species of butterflies.

More Insect Info

check box 3 Body Parts of Insects

Identify the anatomy of a butterfly by using the insect body parts diagram.

MatchCard Science

How To Use MatchCards


MatchCards make science concepts and corresponding vocabulary interactive. As students move the information pieces on the MatchCards they review the material they have already learned.

Download the FREE MatchCard Science Instructor's Guide and see how MatchCards can make building their science knowledge base fun.

Zoology Unit Study

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From microscopic protozoa to elephants and whales, learn more about the animals on this planet with the MatchCard Science Zoology Unit Study.

There are a total of thirteen zoology objectives and MatchCards for this unit which will take 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

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Chemistry is only one of twelve complete unit studies for kids in 3rd to 8th grade.

Comprehensive objectives, hands-on projects, suggested science fair experiments, and the fun game-like MatchCards keep them interested in learning science. See all twelve MatchCard Science Unit Studies.

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