Magnet Worksheet

The Magnet Experiments MatchCard leads students on an exploration of the poles of common magnets.

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Magnet Worksheet

Light & Energy Unit Study

Opposites Attract

Objective: Predict what poles of a magnet will be attacted or repelled by the pole of another magnet.

Let the student experiment with a set of common magnets. They will quickly find that one side of a magnet will either be attracted or repelled by one side of a different magnet.

Explain that the magnet has two poles: north and south. What else has two poles? (Earth)

Ask them to find a way to tell which pole is north and which pole is south.

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This is MatchCard #3 of the Light and Energy Unit Study. Find more information on MatchCard Science below.

Where Is North?

If a magnet hangs free on a string, it will automatically position itself so that its north pole is facing the Earth's North Pole.

Here is how you might find north with different types of magnets and string:
Extra challenge: Use two different types of magnets with each other to discover which sides repel and attract.

How To Make a Compass

Crazy Compass

Magnetize another pin or needle. Lay it next to the first needle in the water, being careful not to break the surface tension. Notice how they react.

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Light and Energy Unit Study

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Kids will be energized to learn more about how the world works as they learn about light, magnetic energy, heat energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, kinetic energy and more. .

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