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Light & Energy Unit Study

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Objective:MatchCard #16: List the seven major types of energy.

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This is MatchCard #16 of the Light & Energy Unit Study. Find more information on MatchCard Science below.

Review the 7 Types of Energy

This is a review of the different types of energy we have studied in the Light & Energy Unit Study. This review will be valuable for the students as we proceed to do MatchCard #15 .


Before showing the MatchCard, see how many different types of energy they can recall from our study. Give five minutes and a sheet of paper. If you have more than one student, this can be a contest.

Can they recall all 7 types? If not, show them the diagrams on the student copy of the MatchCard.


electrical plugs

Electrical energy is caused by the flow of electrons through a conductor.


electromagnetic waves diagram

Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy emitted from the sun and stars. It includes Includes gamma waves, x-rays, visible light, microwaves, and radio waves.



Atoms share electrons to form molecules. Energy is stored when bonds are made and released when bonds are broken.

The Chemistry Unit Study provides 13 separate objectives on atoms, molecules, and chemical energy.



Fusion or fission unites or breaks apart the protons in the nucleus to create a new atom.

This will be easier for students who have already studied chemistry or completed the MatchCard Science Chemistry Unit Study. There is a difference in chemical and nuclear energy. Chemical energy results from the chemical bonds thata occur when two or more atoms share electrons. The nucleus of the atom doesn’t change.

Nuclear energy refers to the change in the nucleus itself. It involves a lot more energy than chemical bonds.

Chemical reactions occur every day around us. Nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons are rare and powerful. Until a few decades ago nuclear reactions only occured within the sun and stars.


thermometer diagram

Heat increases the movement of molecules.


sound waves to ear diagram

Mechanical waves in the air hit the ear drum.


Newtons Cradle diagram

Kinetic energy is the energy of motion.
  • MatchCard #15 Actual vs Potential Kinetic Energy

    Activities to Review the 7 types of Energy

    Energy Charades

    Each person draws one of the types of energy, and acts it out for others to guess. Some are easier than others!

    Energy Crossword Puzzle

    Energy Crossword Puzzle

    Use graph paper (easiest), or the graph paper that comes with the unit study, to make your own energy crossword puzzle.

    To make a table in a Word document, click Insert, then Table, then Insert Table. In the box that appears, put in 25 rows and 25 columns.

    It may take a few tries to get all the words connected. Once you do, you may like to color in the unused boxes.

    Energy Hopscotch

    Here’s another way to review the different types of energy. Draw a hopscotch box on your patio or sidewalk or garage floor. Alternative: tape sheets of recycled paper to the kitchen floor in a hopscotch shape. (It won’t last too long - but neither does this activity.)

    As you read the definition of each type of energy, the student calls out it’s name. They only get to “hop” if they got it right.

  • MatchCard Science

    How To Use MatchCards


    MatchCards make science concepts and corresponding vocabulary interactive. As students move the information pieces on the MatchCards they review the material they have already learned.

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    Light and Energy Unit Study

    Light & Energy Unit Study Cover

    Kids will be energized to learn more about how the world works as they learn about light, magnetic energy, heat energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, kinetic energy and more. .

    Download the entire Light and Energy unit study.

    12 Science Unit Studies

    MatchCard Science Cover

    Chemistry is only one of twelve complete unit studies for kids in 3rd to 8th grade.

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