Conductors and Insulators

The Conductors and Insulators MatchCard guides students to investigate what materials
conduct or resist the flow of electricity.

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conductors and insulators worksheet

Light & Energy Unit Study

Learn About Conductors and Insulators

Objective: List electrical conductors and insulators.

This lesson builds on the concepts in MatchCard 8 - Electrical Circuits.

Conductor - Material that readily conducts electrons though them allowing an electrical current to pass through.
Insulator - Material that resists the flow of electrons and prevents electrical currents.

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This is MatchCard #9 of the Light and Energy Unit Study. Find more information on MatchCard Science below.

Materials to Test

Gather a variety of materials to test for conductivity.

Modify the Electrical Circuit Experiment

We will modify the electrical circuit experiment done in MatchCard 8 which uses aluminum foil, a C battery, and a flashlight bulb.

Using Wires and Alligator Clips

Here is an easier way to do the same experiment. However, this will require special equipment. You can buy the wires and alligator clips at an electronics store inexpensively. Here is what you will need: It will be easiest if you can purchase the alligator clips in pairs with the wire already attached. Each two alligator clips will be connected to the opposite end of a piece of wire.

The experiment is the same as that above, only you will connect the alligator clips to the items instead of the aluminum foil. Follow the same directions above.

Think About This

Conductors not only conduct electricity, they also conduct heat. Think of what people wear in the winter to insulate themselves from the cold. What do we use to insulate our houses?

What would happen if you had a house made out of metal? (Think of heat from the sun and electricity from lightening.)

3 pigs and conductors

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Light and Energy Unit Study

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Kids will be energized to learn more about how the world works as they learn about light, magnetic energy, heat energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, kinetic energy and more. .

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