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Stories About Jamestown

It was the Jamestown Settlement - 1607 - and none of the settlers in the new colony were aware that the eyes of the world would be upon them.

The stories about Jamestown are filled with adventure, romance, danger, hardship, faith, courage, and the kind of destiny that makes a chapter of history live on.

1607 Cottage in Jamestown Settlement

Here are some of the great classic books for kids that tell the story of the first successful colony, the starving time, and the Jamestown Massacre.

Jamestown Settlement- 1607

The World of Captain John Smith

By Genevieve Foster

Foster's research and documentary on Jamestown and how it fits into the rest of civilization are second to none. Students from fourth through ninth grade will deepen their understanding of Jamestown, the colony, it's historic leader, and the world in which the events took place. Even adults will find this fresh look interesting to read. Highly recommended for any student interested in the events at Jamestown.

A Lion to Guard Us

Clyde Robert Bulla

For those looking for a different perspective of Jamestown than the story of John Smith and Pocohontas, this book tells the story of what the second group of ships found when they arrived at Jamestown and found the first settlers starving. Historical fiction, the three siblings in the story are fictitious, but the account of their shipwreck and eventual arrival in Jamestown is true.

John Smith Escapes Again

Rosalyn Schanzer

A newer, colorful book for children, this gives a longer glimpse into the life of John Smith and the numerous adventures he had. Pocohontas wasn't the first to see him escape out of a tight spot.

Books About Pocohontas


By Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire

One of the first kids books written about Pocohontas, this remains one of the best-selling seven decades later. This tells the story of how Pocohontas was intrigued by the white captain and saved his life; forever changing her own. Tells the full-tale, including her marriage to John Rolfe and how the Indian princess from the New World met the Queen of England on the other side of the great ocean.

Pocohontas and the Strangers

By Clyde Robert Bulla

Easy Chapters
This easy to read book is great for third to fifth graders who are interested in the story of Pocohontas. An interesting account of the Indian girl Pocohontas who became known as Rebecca after her marriage.

The Double Life of Pocohontas

By Jean Fritz

Fritz contrasts the two lives and cultures of Pocohontas. She recounts the struggles and conflict between the starving newcomers and the wary natives and how Pocohontas was affected by the growing tension.

The Story of Pocohontas

By Brian Doherty

Another easy to read story of Pocohontas' early life, relationship with John Smith, marriage to John Rolfe, and trip to England and her early death. Short, easy to read chapters for elementary age children.

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