Lion To Guard Us TimeLine

This information is part of the Lion To Guard Us Unit Study and lists key dates and events in the Sea Venture timeline - the wrecked ship that settled Bermuda and helped save Jamestown.

Timeline of the Sea Venture 1609

Settling Jamestown

Dates prior to the Sea Venture

Original Settlers

December 1606 - Original fleet left England: Christopher Newport was the captain.

April 1607 - They arrived in Jamestown

First Supply of Jamestown

Oct 18, 1607 - Left England Jan 12, 1608 - Arrived in Jamestown

Second Supply of Jamestown

Aug 1608 - Leaft England Oct 1, 1608 - Arrived in Jamestown

Dates of the Sea Venture & Third Supply

Fleet of Nine Ships

Nine ships set out with 500 - 600 passengers and crew and provisions for one year (2)
7 ships under sail - 2 smaller pinnaces towed (They were slower and towed to keep from getting separated.)
The Sea Venture with Christopher Newport as captain also towed The Catch - a much smaller vessel.


Fate of Sea Venture Passengers

Settlement of Bermuda



We are not using live-links at this time as changing and outdated URL's can alter web results. 1. (Valuable research listing the known pilgrim ships.)


3. Miracle: The True Story of the Wreck of the Sea Venture - by Gail Langer Karwoski (book)


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