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Improve Spelling

Improve spelling with the score soaring simple technique used in Syllable Savvy Spelling.

Syllable Savvy Spelling 4 Syllable Savvy Spelling uses the three column method of learning which will not only improve spelling scores, but increase your students' ability to spell ANY word they encounter in the future.

The secret is amazingly simple. Focus the student's attention on individual syllables and the number of letters in each. Then give them instant feedback as to whether they got all the letters in each syllable correct.

Why is this so successful?

Students will see an eight letter word, miss a letter or reverse it, and think they got it right. (Hey, seven out of eight isn't too bad!)

But when you break the syllable down into two or three letters, their error pops out at them.

Anyone can use the three column method - you don't even have to buy the curriculum. You can use this method with any spelling curriculum or list of words.

How Syllable Savvy Can Improve Your Student's Ability to Spell

Syllable Savvy focuses the student's attention on difficult syllables, and reinforces their skills with expected syllables. For instance, here is a difficult word to spell:


Is that a word you can spell? Let's break it down the Syllable Savvy way.

bur3 eau3 cra3 cy2

There is only one difficult syllable. That is the second syllable which has one sound but three letters.

The Syllable Savvy List gives the student the number of letters for each word. Therefore, the student would know there are three letters. It might help to remember that "eau" is also in the word "beautiful." (Hmmm, beautiful bureaucrats. Doesn't seem to fit does it? But it is easy to remember!)

In short Syllable Savvy focuses the students' attention on the syllables and number of letters in each.

And, at the price of $11.99 for all materials needed, the program is not only effective but very reasonably priced. (Save even more with the ebook downloads.)

The best thing about the Syllable Savvy Strategy is that it can be used with any word list. Whether you make up your own list, use a language arts curriculum with assigned words, or use the Syllable Savvy Curriculum; this strategy will improve your students' scores.

How to Teach Spelling using the Syllable Savvy Strategy

The first day the parent reviews the word list with the student and they note which letters (if any) in each syllable are irregular. On Day 2 to 4 the student reviews the words alone. On Day 5 the parent evaluates the student's ability to spell the words on the word list.

More information
on HOW TO TEACH with Syllable Savvy

3rd to 8th Grade

Syllable Savvy is available for third to eighth grade. Each level consists of:

  • 30 lessons
  • fifteen words per lesson
  • five spaces for problem words each lesson
  • a different theme for each grade.

Themes in Syllable Savvy Spelling

Each lesson consists of 15 words plus the space for you to include five words specific to your child's current needs. Each level also has a theme for that year. Two to five words per lesson are derived from that theme.

Level Three

Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 3
Theme: Common Household Words

Common items that surround kids at home are included in this list: lights, plates, knives, clothes and closets.

In addition, word lists demonstrate common spelling patterns and parts of speech.

Level Four

Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 4
Theme: US States and Capitals

Fourth grade is a great time to learn the geography of the USA as well as the 50 states and their capitals. The spelling of one or two states and its capital is presented weekly in alphabetical order by state.

Level Five

Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 5
Theme: Books of the Bible

The spelling of the sixty-six books of the Bible are learned in Level 5. Two or three books from both the Old Testament and New Testament are presented weekly in the order of Genesis to Revelation. The remainder of the spelling list demonstrates word patterns and prefixes and suffixes.

Level Six

Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 6
Theme: Countries of the World

Sixty different nations and their capitals will be presented in Level 6. From Afghanistan to Venezuela they are listed in alphabetical order. Sound too hard? With the syllable by syllable method, even intimidating words like "Bangladesh" are easy to tackle.

Level Six

Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 7
Theme: Scientific Terms

If psychology and physics and psychosis seem way-too-hard to spell, you will welcome the simple technique of analyzing words syllable by syllable. Common patterns make even the most physiologically fearsome phrases easy to digest.

Level Six

Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 8
Theme: Government and Political Terms

Each week several political and government words are included on the spelling list. This gives students a chance to compare the meaning as well as the spelling of political and social terms a little at a time.

Spelling Activities?

Crossword puzzles, word find-it boxes, mazes: many programs have worksheets that have the student use these activities to reinforce their spelling words. Does your student enjoy crossword puzzles and such activities? If he or she is going to be doing those activities for fun anyway, it makes perfect sense to use them with the weekly word list. In such case, you can purchase software or find free on-line programs to produce such activities with the words.

On the other hand, puzzles may not be your student's favorite past-time. If so, there is no particular value to them. Your goal is for the student to spell the word correctly when writing, not find it in a word search box.

Syllable Savvy provides work pages for the student to write their word syllable by syllable as they review their spelling lesson. It seems like the most common way to learn to spell a word.

Order Syllable Savvy Spelling Now

We have two options for purchasing Syllable Savvy Spelling.
  • One: Buy the paperback book. The 136 page workbook will be mailed to you.
  • Order the E-Book. Save the cost and time of shipping and download the ebook.

Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 3 Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 4 Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 5 Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 6 Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 7 Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 8

Order the Workbook

Softcover workbooks are mailed to your home. Shipping and handling dependent on distance shipped.

Workbook - $11.99

Grade Level:

Download the E-Book
You can order the Syllable Savvy Spelling E-Book if you are in a hurry and want to get it today.

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