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Find the area of Hikueru Island in Call It Courage by Armstrong Perry.

Find Polynesia

Call It Courage, Polynesia Maps

Hikueru is too small to find on a world map. In fact, even Tahiti is too small to see.

We begin the Unit Study by finding Mafatu's home, which is in the South Pacific.

Can you differentiate the South Pacific from Oceania? Maps 1 and 2 above will help you do that. (Hint: Hawaii is not in the South Pacific because it is north of the Equator. The natives of Hawaii shared a similar culture with the other Pacific islanders, however.)

Find Hikueru

Hikueru Island and Toumatu Archipelago

There are 118 islands in French Polynesia. Those islands include:

Hikueru and Tahiti

Map of Hikueru and Tahiti in South Seas

This map gives you a better idea of where Mafatu was from. Those tiny islands, however, cannot be seen on a world map.

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Call It Courage Maps
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