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Call It Courage Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Flight

The first chapter introduces Mafatu, the son of the island's chieftain.

Section A – 3 paragraphs

Mafatu is the boy who is afraid. This is a legend that was told about him from hundred years ago, before their written past.

Section B - 7 paragraphs

This is the flashback of his mother's death when Mafatu was a toddler. Since that time he believed Moana, the sea god, was going to take his life.

Section C - 9 paragraphs

Mafatu lives in fear. He is rejected by the other boys of the island.

Section D - 27 Paragraphs

The boys of the island are planning their hunt, but Mafatu alone is too afraid to join them. Even the one youngster who would speak to him scorns him. He decides he must leave the island and only return when he can face his fears.

Chapter 2: The Sea

Mafatu takes a canoe and heads to the open sea where he is caught in a life-threatening storm.

Section A - 17 paragraphs

The Storm

Section B - 4 paragraphs

After the storm he is becalmed and threatened with an unquenchable thirst.

Section C - 20 paragraphs

Mafatu is washed up on an unidentified island, west-south-west from Hikueru.

Chapter 3: The Island

Mafatu explores his new home and discovers dangers and secrets on his island. He conquers land and beast, but fear the cannibals who occasionally come there.

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