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Classical Childrens Books

Literature Unit Studies

Teach to the heart with our literature based unit studies. They are free, they are fun, and they turn elementary students into happy learners.

Jungle Book

jungle book unit study title

Here is a unit study that will make your animal lovers roar. With the Jungle Book Unit Study your child will not only read and do activities with the well-known story of Mowgli, but they will also be introduced to other favorites of Rudyard Kipling.

In addition to the story of the Indian boy raised by the pack, you will meet a mongoose, a white seal, and an wise old elephant. Your choice of a three day, four day, five day, or seven day unit study, depending on the stories you include in your unit.

Calico Bush

calico bush Join Marguerite, an orphan from France, as she adjusts to life on the harsh Maine coast in 1743. Temptuous weather, a family she doesn't know, and danger from the woods makes the winter long and uneasy. Enjoy this historical fiction book about the settling of America's coast while you and your kids do the Calico Bush Unit Study together.

Little Women

Little Women

Four teenage sisters and their mother, Marmee, are left in their New England home as their father is off in the Civil War. The second daughter, Jo, the main character, has great aspirations for her life including the plan to become a writer. Simultaneously, she desires that her sisters and mother remain exactly as they are now. Use our Little Women writing activities and unit study ideas.

Twenty and Ten

twenty and ten unit study graphics

During the Nazi occupation of France, a rural Catholic school with twenty children takes in ten Jewish children to hide. What will the kids do when the Nazi soldiers come to the school? Twenty and Ten is great story for 4th and 5th graders. Use with our unit study handout and questions.

Wind in the Willows

wind in the willows unit study picture

Our 12 page unit study/worksheet will help your second through fifth graders enjoy and understand The Wind In the Willows by Kenneth Grahame as you follow the antics of the fickle Mr. Toad and his wiser companions.

Wizard of Oz

wizard of oz emerald castle

This literature based unit study of the Wizard of Oz will let your kids in 3rd to 6th grade join Dorothy as they head down the Yellow Brick Road and across the Land of Oz to find the great wizard. A variety of activities are provided to enrich the 24 chapters as your students map, color, discuss, and answer questions about L. Baum's mysterious land. Suggestions for other activities also included in the FREE printable students and teacher's guides.

Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin

Quaker Silhouette

Your third through sixth grade students will enjoy the hands-on activities with this unit study of Benjamin West and his Cat Grimalkin. Explore the boyhood of one of America's colonial painters and the Pennsylvania Quaker culture in which he grew.

The Golden Goblet

Golden Goblet Unit Study Page

Dig up some ancient excitement with the Golden Goblet Unit Study. Your 6-8th grade students will cross the Nile River, hunt for stollen treasure, and escape the suspected thieves as they read the book by Eloise McGraw and participate in the unit study activities.

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