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A timeless tale of love and hate at the crossroads of history

Our Bronze Bow Unit Study engages student with the political, cultural, and literary features of Elizabeth Speare's historical fiction novel.

Bronze Bow Unit Study Lesson Plan and Poster

A complete unit study with activities, maps, vocabulary word lists, reading comprehension questions, and much more. Teacher's answer key and instruction guide included.

Bronze Bow Worksheet Bronze Bow Lesson Bronze Bow Teachers Key
Student Guide AND Teacher's Answer Key Included
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Unlock the Literary Elements of Elizabeth Speare's Classic

Your fifth to eighth grade students will glean much more as they participate in the chapter by chapter activities.

Literary Features of The Bronze Bow

Bronze Bow Quiz on Theme, Moral, Purpose

Young readers typically focus on the action and overlook the literary features that make a story unforgetable.

Character Development

Readers note the different types of character development that the characters undergo as the action pack story progresses.

Daniel is consumed by hatred. His anger drives others away. Bit by bit he starts to reenter society and even develop some friends. But his hatred almost destroys those who has come to love.

Purpose, Moral, Theme

Literary Theme, Moral, Purpose Diagram 399x307

The unit study explores the major elements including author's purpose, moral of the story, and literary themes. The emphasis is on how these elements are interrelated to one another as they propel the narrative forward.

Culture and History

As students learn some of the customs of the era, they contrast that culture with their own. The complexity of the relationships between Daniel and Joel also show how sub-cultures exist within a group.

The Bronze Bow Vocabulary

Bronze Bow Vocabulary Lists

Our eight pages of Bronze Bow Vocabulary provide word lists for each chapter. Students will find the words are listed in the same order they appear in their book. Definitions are provided and instructions given on how to increase their vocabulary success.

Maps for The Bronze Bow

Bronze Bow - Provinces of Palestine

Our unit study comes complete with five newly made maps based on The Bronze Bow. These include the reach of the Roman Empire, the Mediterranean Sea, Map of Israel, Provinces, and Towns in Galilee.

All the cities mentioned in the book are listed on the maps.

Geography Activities

Fun geography activities accompany many of the chapters in The Bronze Bow.

Hands On Activities

Jewish Calendar in Bronze Bow

In addition to the hands-on geography activities mentioned above, other suggested activities that are correlated with the chapters include:

Background Information

Black Cumin and Ketzah

There is so much to learn about this era. Some additional information provided includes:

And More

Reading comprehension questions, discussion questions, grammar helps and more are scattered throughout the chapter activities.

Print Our Bronze Bow Unit Study

Bronze Bow Worksheet Bronze Bow Lesson Bronze Bow Teachers Key
Student Guide AND Teacher's Answer Key Included
$2.99 Download - 109 pages
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Pages on The Bronze Bow

A timeless tale of hate and love

Unit Study Bronze Bow Unit Study
Fabulous resources for Elizabeth Speare's novel
Maps Bronze Bow Maps
Five new maps to illustrate chapter events
Themes/Symbols Bronze Bow Themes and Symbols
Themes, Symbols, Character Development
Vocabulary Bronze Bow Vocabulary
Words and definitions for each chapter
Ketzah Ketzah Black Seed Oil
Ketzah and Black Cumin

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