Streams to the River Unit Study

---> We may not be headed west with the Corp of Discover...

but we're headed towards a great unit study about Sacagawea and other members of the expedition.

This is an up-river journey, but take a look what we will have for you when we are done.

Reading Comprehension Questions

With each chapter, students can test their knowledge about what they read. We use our pointer questions as teaching tools to help students along their way.

Getting Started

We have a map activity to set the stage for this book: and it is based on The Author's Notes at the beginning of the book.

Vocabulary Bookmarks

Vocabualry Book Mark


You can't go on a journey without a map. We will use maps in the book and a few others to supplement their reading. Look for these maps:

Action Plot Diagram

With each chapter, students chart the action plot diagram to help understand the relationship of the different events to the whole. Here's a summary of the chapter events:

Extra Information

We provide INFORMATION BOXES to give students additional information on these topics:

Deeper Literary Topics

This book brings up these topics for students to explore:


A number of significant themes are analyzed:

Hands On Activities and Further Exploration

There's always more to do and more to learn. With this unit students are given some direction in pursuing other topics.

That's a lot. We know!

Come back soon, and hopefully you will be packed and ready to make the journey with us!

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