William Wallace Timeline

Use the William Wallace timeline and Robert the Bruce timeline in your study of the
Scottish War of Independence.

The timeline below is from G.A. Henty's book In Freedom's Cause. The numbers in parenthesis on the number line refer to the chapters in which the events occurred. William Wallace Timeline

Timeline Before William Wallace
in the War of Independence

Numbers in parenthesis refer to the chapter in In Freedom's Cause.

Timeline of William Wallace

Timeline of Robert the Bruce

Numbers in parenthesis above refer to the chapter in In Freedom's Cause by G.A. Henty in which the events were recorded.

Using the William Wallace Timeline

This timeline is found on page 79 & 80 of the In Freedom's Cause Unit Study. More information about the unit study is below.

Students may make their own copy of the timeline while reading the 27 chapters of the book.

Alternatively, they can review the timeline after the completion of the book to see how the events tie together.

Some group leaders will provide a copy of the timeline with just the date and the chapter number, and the students fill in the events as they are read.

Maps of William Wallace

A series of maps helps the readers identify the location and understand the geography. These maps include: The maps of William Wallace and Robert Bruce alone are worth the price of the entire unit study. Ideas for using the maps with two of Wallace's most famous battles are also included.

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A mini-directory for Wallace and Bruce

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