William Wallace Maps

Four different maps of William Wallace identify important locations. The In Freedom's Cause maps and William Wallace battle worksheets provide detailed information of the movements of Wallace and Bruce.

In Freedom's Cause Maps

Our unit study on the lives of William Wallace and Robert Bruce is based on G.A. Henty's book, In Freedom's Cause."

Four different maps are provided in the unit study to help students identify the locations.

Map of Great Britain

It might seem obvious to some, but if students don't have a solid understanding of the location of England, Scotland and Wales to each other, much of the history will not be as clear.

Map of Great Britain

Map of Scotland

Students are provided a grayscale map of Scotland on a 8.5 x 11 page. They are able to identify the towns and battles of William Wallace and Robert Bruce as they are encountered in the book.

Map of Scotland

Map of Where Wallace Walked

Here we have a closer view of the same map above.

Map of Where Wallace Walked

Map of The Battle of Stirling Bridge

Our In Freedom's Cause Unit Study includes worksheets of two of the most important battles: Stirling Bridge and Falkirk. The maps are provided in color and in grayscale.

Color Map of the Battle of Stirling Bridge

  1. The two armies were separated by the River Forth. The British were on the southern side where Stirling Castle was located. In the morning they marched their troops across the narrow bridge, including their archers.

  2. Under Wallace command, the Scotts waited patiently until the bulk of the army had crossed the bridge, then Scottish infantry attacked. The archers were unable to fire due to the proximity of their enemy. The calvary were on the other side of the bridge and unable to advance.

  3. The British infantry tried to retreat across the bridge but were stopped by the oncoming troops ordered to advance to battle front. Many jumped or were pushed off the bridge and drowned in the river.

  4. The commanders watching the battle from the heights of both sides witnessed a massive British defeat.

Suggested activities in the unit study provide a variety of ways students or groups can interact with this information.

Map of The Battle of Falkirk

The Battle of Falkirk is a little more complicated to follow, but the defeat of the Scottish had long term implications for Wallace and his forces (and the troops that betrayed him.)

Color Map of the Battle of Falkirk

  1. As before, Wallace tried to maximize his strength by using geological features including the woods behind and marsh in front. The majority of Wallace’s army were pikesmen positioned in schimiltrons. Archers were stationed between the schimiltrons. The Scottish calvary made up of nobles were behind the lines in Callendar Woods.

  2. As the battle began, the English moved around the marsh and attacked the Scotts on their flank. The schimiltrons held, but the archers fell back. In a move largely considered traitorous, the calvary departed and left Wallace and his men stranded.

  3. With the schimiltron’s holding strong and causing disorder and inefficiency in the English calvary, King Edward of England called the calvary back and reorganized. He brought his archers forward. Armed with the deadly new long-bow, the archers destroyed the schimiltrons.

  4. The longbows destroyed the schimiltrons which broke up and fled with the British in pursuit.

What Else Is On the Unit Study?


In Freedoms Cause Vocabulary Bookmarks

Students and teachers alike appreciate the vocabulary bookmarks: definitions are listed in the order they appear in the chapter. They can be folded into third to make convenient bookmarks for the readers.

More Activites

Our unit includes:

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