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Read other great books about William Wallace and his 13th century fight for Scottish freedom.

William Wallace and Sword

Other Books About William Wallace

The Wallace

Nigel Tranter

Age: Adult

This historical fiction book gets rave reviews from those who compare it to the motion picture Bravehart. (Don't compare it. The movie takes waaayyy to much literary license to be seriously considered.)

While much more accurate in its depiction of historical events, it is necessary to take some guesses to fill in the gaps left by the last 7 centuries. Nevertheless, the author includes all known events in the life of Wallace and weaves them into an action plot that reads like a novel instead of a history text. Written by an author well-familiar with Scottish history, it satisfies those with a desire to uncover more of character of Wallace.

Like the movie (no one seems to be able to get away from making the comparison) there are two questionable scenes that take this book off the recommended list for students with a desire to learn more. Not too bad; but knocks if off the recommended list.

Scottish Chiefs

By Jane Porter

Age: High School and Above
Another novel, this one by Jane Porter is a romanticized but popular and wholesome portrayal of the legends of Wallace and Bruce. Written two hundred years ago, some of its formal language may be difficult for children or struggling readers.

Those who get an edition with Wyeth's extraordinary paintings are rewarded with a double treat.


By Blind Harry

Poetic Verse
Your search for all the books about Wallace would not be complete without this work written only about 160 years after Wallace's death. Harry compiled the stories of Wallace and presented them in verse. This remains the basis of much of our knowledge about Wallace, though some of it is contested by historians. Nevertheless, this is an important source of information for those wishing to study the life of Wallace, the effect of Medieval poetry, or the history of literary tradition.

In Freedom's Cause

By G.A. Henty

We have used Henty's book as the basis of our literary study of William Wallace. It is appropriate for middle school and high school students, and like many of Henty's books its action plot keeps elementary students interested in it as a read aloud. It is historical fiction told from the perspective of a fictious character in Wallace's band, who subsequently joins with Robert Bruce after Wallace's death.

Our unit study provides chapter by chapter reading comprehension questions, maps, vocabulary words, and suggested hands-on activities.

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