Raggedy Ann and Andy Christmas Tree Ornaments

Make your own Raggedy Ann & Andy Christmas Tree Ornaments

homemade Raggedy Ann and Andy Christmas Tree Ornaments

For years I had looked for directions or a kit to make homemade Raggedy Ann and Andy Christmas Tree ornaments. But alas, I never found them. Finally, I went ahead and modified Simplicity's sewing directions for Raggedy Ann and Andy.

WARNING: These directions aren't for the faint-hearted or children. By the time the directions were reduced to get a 11.5 cm (or 4.5 inch) doll, the margin seams were very tiny - only about 2 mm. This requires hand-sewing and carefully treatment to prevent the fabric from shredding.

Simplicity 8043

Raggedy Ann and Andy with Simplicity Pattern 8043

The pattern can be purchased on-line. It is specifically for 15 inch, 26 in or 36 inch dolls. Drastic modification is needed.

Made A Template

8 inch Raggedy Ann doll and 4 1/2 inch Raggedy Ann ornament

Before wasting my time doing everything wrong twelve times (I made 12 Raggedy Ann and 12 Raggedy Andy), a 7.5 inch (19 cm) doll was made for practice. To do this, simply reduce the 15 inch patterns by 50%. This was a smart step. I have the modficiations below that I made, but if you are serious about this project, you might want to make the sample doll as well. It is easier trying to figure out the complex moves when you are not working with teeny-tiny pieces. But - like I said - necessary modifications are described below so you don't have to take the step.

You should also note that the 7.5 inch doll made a great little toy to give to a child to play with. The 4.5 inch dolls can't be playthings. Their seams are so thin they would not withstand a child's manipulation. But they are pretty safe hanging on a tree. (Unless your German Shepherd thinks you put them there for him. Then they are toast.)

Reducing the Pattern

To get a 4.2 inch doll (11 cm), take the 15 inch pattern to a copy shop. You will need to reduce the pattern to 28%. Before you leave your home, get organized: If you can just do a 72% reduction on your machine, that should work. (For most copiers, that means put 28% into the settings.) To verify it is the right size, pattern piece #1 (the face and trunk) should be 2.75 inches (or 6.9 cm.)

Reduce the size of Raggedy Ann patterns

More Directions

If the copier you are using won't allow you to reduce to 28%, try this: If you do the math, that comes to 28%.

I made 12 copies of each pattern (24 for pieces #1-7 which are used for both Ann and Andy.) Each piece was used once then tossed. Believe me, with these little pieces it is a LOT less work to hit the copy button on the copier than to pin and unpin and keep these little bitsy pattern pieces.


fabric for Raggedy Ann and Andy clothes

Here is the amount of cotton fabric needed to make 24 dolls (12 Raggedy Ann and 12 Raggedy Andy)


All fabric was 45 inches wide.

Both Dolls

For 24 dolls:

For Ann

For Andy


I did NOT include the following: which you can add or skip:

Other Supplies

Fabric paint for Raggedy Ann faces


Here are my recommended modifications which will be needed when working with small pieces.

Laying out and cutting:

I cut out all the pieces for all the dolls. Do follow their directions, particularly when it comes to placing pieces on fold lines (like Ann's dress.)

Also, be super-careful with the stripes on their legs. The arrow on the pattern piece will be perpindicular to their stripes.

I cut all the pieces out and kept them in their own zip sandwich/snack bag. I did all the steps on every doll before going to the next step. (Occasionally combining some steps in a group as desired.) Caution: when cutting out Andy's collar (piece #15) don't make notch in the center.

Modifications for the DOLL

Note: Numbers below refer to the numbers on Simplicity's instructions. 1. Transfer markings to the face and paint the face while it only one flat piece. 3. You will need a larger stuffing space for the arm. On the underside of the arm, stop stitching at the first mark. You will need a larger open area in order to turn the arm instead out and to get the stuffing to the hands.

Raggedy Ann arm

7. As with the arms, you will need a larger open space on the legs to turn it inside out and to stuff the toes. Stop stitching a little above the first mark.
14. Cut the cardboard about 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches ((6.5 cm x 6.5 cm) I used one skein of embroidery thread for each wig.

Modifications for Ann's Dress

2. 3 inches (7.5 cm) of trim for each collar
4. 3/4 inch (2 cm) elastic on each sleeve
5. Turn the dress right-side-out and put it on the doll. Final seem was sewn shut on the doll. Sorry, no changing this little doll's clothes.

Modifications for Ann's Pinafore

2. 2 inches (5 cm) of elastic for the waist
8. Skip the snaps and crossing the straps in an X. Stitch on at the back.

Modifications for Andy's Pant Suit

2. Skip cutting the notch in the center of the collar. The pieces are too small to allow for the flat, open collar.
8. After making the dart in the front of the pants, sew all hems for all four pieces. Be careful on the outside to leave the flap so the seam can open outward by following the dots. (optional)
12. Turn pant suit right side out, put on Andy. Sew it shut on him.

12 Raggedy Ann Dolls

Year #1: Twelve Raggedy Ann dolls were handmade and given to close family and friends. And in spite of the fact they were all made by the same person at the same time, they all came out a little different.

12 Raggedy Ann Ornaments

Use gold or silver thread to make loops on the top, then use hooks to hang them on your tree.

Raggedy Ann ornaments on the Christmas Tree

Here comes Andy!

It took another year to make the twelve Raggedy Andy ornaments.

hand sewn Raggedy Andy Christmas Tree ornaments

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy Home Sewn Christmas Tree Ornaments

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