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Creative Writing Rubric

All of Our Essay Rubrics On One Convenient Page

Print the FREE download of any of these creative writing rubrics. See the bottom of the page for helps on using and developing rubrics.

And if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, look for the help page at the bottom of this page to find how you develop a rubric for your students' exact needs.

Elementary Writing Rubrics

These essay rubrics will help you identify the writing skills expected for elementary students as their writing slowly progresses.

Kindergarten Writing Rubric

Kindergarten Writing Rubric click to print arrow

Kindergarten Writing Rubric

Read More: Using the writing rubric for kindergarten

1st Grade Writing Rubric

First Grade Writing Rubric click to print arrow

First Grade Writing Rubric

Read More: Writing Rubric for 1st Grade

2nd Grade Writing Rubric

2nd Grade Writing Rubric click to print arrow

Second Grade Writing Rubric

Read More:Writing Rubric for 2nd Grade

3rd Grade Writing Rubric

3rd Grade Writing Rubric click to print arrow

Third Grade Writing Rubric

Read More:3rd Grade Writing Rubric.

4th and 5th Grarde Writing Rubric

4th Grade Writing Rubric click to print arrow

Read More: 4th and 5th Grade Writing Rubric.

Six Traits (+1) Writing

If you are using the six traits writing to help guide your students to improved skills, we have a rubric just for you.

6 +1 Traits Writing Rubric

Kindergarden Writing Rubric click to print arrow

Six +1 Traits Writing Rubric

Read More:Six Traits Writing Rubric

Middle School and High School Writing Rubrics

100 Point Rubric for Essays

Essay Writing Rubric click to print arrow

Essay Rubric: 100 Point Scale.

Read More: Essay Rubric

Research Paper Rubrics

Research Paper Writing Rubric click to print arrow

Research Paper Rubric

Read More: Developing your own research rubric.

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See our main rubric page for how to use a rubric.

You might also like information on creating more rubrics for your child's specific needs.

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