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Rubric for Essays

100 Point Writing Rubric for Middle School and High School

Our free rubric for essay writing evaluates content, mechanics, and the writing process. This basic writing rubric can be used from upper elementary through high school. It consists of a 100 point rubric to guide the student to improved writing ability.

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This rubric includes points for the following criteria:
Following the assigned writing process

100 point basic writing rubric
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Elements of the 100 Point Basic Writing Rubric

Students will receive between 0 to 10 points for each of these criteria on the holistic writing rubric:
  • Purpose of Assignment
  • Organized outline approved before the first draft is due
  • Original Ideas
  • Paragraph Development
  • Word Choices
  • Holding Attention
  • Complete Sentences
  • No fragments/run-ons
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Paper Submitted On Time

How to use a 100 Point Writing Rubric

Each of the ten criteria offers the student the opportunity to earn up to ten points. If they acheive ten points on all ten criteria, they would earn 100 points - a perfect score. This, of course, is seldom achievable.
  • Ten points: Fantastic Job The student is commended for a specific strength that was well above expectation.
  • Nine points: That criteria was done well. (9 points out of ten equates to 90% which is usually a B grade. There is no complaint about this criteria, but it does not shine.)
  • Eight points: Criteria was addressed but could be improved. Specific suggestions for improvement should be given. This equates to an 80% or approximately a C grade.
  • Seven points: The criteria was not met. It may be a good idea to have the student redo this portion with one-on-one assistance.
  • Six points or Less Failed to perform the required task. For instance, if there was supposed to be a bibliography and there is none on the paper.
Simply add up all the points and you will have a percentage grade for the student's paper. This rubric works best for assignments with a specific purpose. See other sample writing rubrics for other assignments.

Download the Essay Writing Rubric

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Print the Writing Rubric

Improve Writing With Write On!

Write On - homeschool writing curriculum
Write On: The Kid-Friendly Way to Write

With a carefully crafted process, students start with simple sentences, turn their thoughts into paragraphs, develop their ideas into essays, then combine their skills to create a thesis.

In between structured reports, creative writing exercises stretch their imagination and build their writing style.

The value of this unique writing program is it encourages students to express their own ideas. They see a non-intimdating student sample, and begin to use the model to write about topics of interest to them.

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