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Homeschool Art

Resources and Ideas for Your Homeschool Art Program paper plate art

Art With A Purpose

Our Favorite Homeschool Art Program

For over twenty years our family has used this curriculum, and I am delighted to be able to offer it to our customers.

Why do I like it?

First, it fits our philosophy of gentle, kid-friendly curriculum that are easy to use.

Second, my children have ranged from artistically talented to artistically challenged, and all of them have benefited from this simple program.

Third, it provides instruction on a variety of artistic media, including coloring, drawing, calligraphy, water color, etc.

$7.95 a year; Consumable

Read more of the Art With A Purpose review.

The Drawing Textbook

Anyone Really Can Drraw!

A generation of artists began with this great little booklet. Start with very simple objects and work your way up to complex buildings and sky scrapers.

Can you draw the pencil on the front? See how easily McIntyre teaches perspective by adding shading to those few simple strokes.

He begins the book with an interesting perspective on art education - or education in general - at the beginning of the book.


Spot the Differences: The Art Masterpiece Mysteries

Art Appreciation With A New Twist

What a fun resource for the study of the great masterpieces. On the left page is a famous work of art; on the opposing page is the same masterpiece but with slight changes. For instance, Mona Lisa is wearing lipstick and her eyes are looking in the wrong direction. Encourages the students to really notice the details the artist included. Short paragraphs give students an introduction to the artists' work.

$9.99 each
25 Full Color Paintings

Art For Toddlers

A daily craft time is a great way to include your toddlers in your homeschool program. Here's what the little tykes have to gain:
  • Fine Motor Control
  • Practice with colors and numbers
  • Creativity
  • The fun of having their own educational time with you
  • Completed art projects they love to share
Art Activities for Toddlers

colored bean maraca


calligraphy is cool

Calligraphy - a simple, elegant, and practical art!

Don't forget to introduce your middle schoolers and high schoolers to the art of calligraphy. There are different styles of lettering they can use. You can get metal tipped calligraphy pens that dip in ink or disposable calligraphy markers that still have the unique tip that creates the slanted lines.

Coloring: A Stress Buster for Big People Too

A great stress-buster, simply coloring can make us feel better. So grab those crayons, markers, or colored pencils and get ready for some artistic fun with these easy to use coloring books for big people.

geoscapes coloring book Geoscapes

Color in the optical illusions of squares, circles, triangles, ropes and numerous other amazing shapes. Thirty complex geometric designs can be colored in an infinite array of possibilities.

$3.99 - 30 pages paperback

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nature kaleidoscope coloring book Nature Kaleidoscope

Nature lovers will be thrilled with the designs in the Nature Kaleidoscope book. Circular images are created with patterns from the animal and plant kingdoms.

$3.99 - 30 pages paperback

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Ideas for Coloring Books

Everyone knows how to use coloring books, right? Well, here are a few ideas to make the use of these art books even more enjoyable.

  • Restaurant activity - Reserve them for sit down restaurants. You can take a little longer to talk and savor your own food.
  • Scrapbooking - the artistic designs work well with scrapbooks and lapbooks.
  • Snowy day - snow is great fun - at first. Once the novelty wears off and cabin fever sets in, even your oldest will be drawn to a coloring activity with these books.

    Art for Christmas

    homemade Christmas ornaments

    It's the favorite time of the year for many kids, as well as a chance to learn new art skills and apply old ones.

    Homemade Christmas tree ornaments: 3 dimensional art that becomes a cherished heirloom. Every year you will have a beautiful reminder of the projects you did together.

    The annual Christmas tree is another true work of art: how to decorate the perfect Christmas tree with your children. Professional results by you and yours.

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