Toddler Art

Use these fun art activities for a daily or weekly craft time with your toddler.

Paper Plate Crafts

rubber band maraca

With a few art supplies left over from a scout project, a paper plate lion appeared.

Colorful feathers and a small piece from a black boa created the lion's mane. Googley eyes, shredded yarn, and a pom pom gave the lion his face.

We have a basket with an assortment of left-over everythings:

Merry Maracas

Maracas for Toddlers

You and the kids will have lots of fun making these merry maracas. I need to give credit where credit is due. I got the idea from Cathy from Pre School Play who calls then Discovery Bottles. She uses a variety of different bottles.

In contrast, I used all the same size of small kids-sized drinking bottles. I keep the 4 oz bottled water on-hand for when my grown kids bring the little tykes over. Yeah, I know, Mean Grandma giving the kids water instead of root bear, but it's the truth. I also can't stand it when they drink only half a bottle and waste the water, so I buy the small bottles which cost almost as much. Unlogical. And now, instead of reminding everyone to put their water bottles in the recycle container I collect them for our Merry Maracas.

Time to Dye

Coloring Peas and Beans

I started by experimenting with the best way to color navy beans and popcorn kernels. I tried food coloring and acrylic paint (the inexpensive stuff you get at the craft store for 79 cents a bottle.) I put one half cup of either the beans or the popcorn kernels in a sandwich bag and added the paint or dye. I mixed it inside the bag and spread it on wax paper to dry.

The result: the beans colored more easily than the popcorn. The acrylic paint worked better than the liquid food coloring.

But this gave use several different types of maracas.

If I Could Put Beans In A Bottle

colored bean maraca
The large colorful beans make a soft sound when shaken in their maracas.

The Metal Kettle

metalic bean maraca
These lima beans were spray painted with metalic silver paint. They look so valuable and expensive. Will have to do gold beans someday.

Snapping Popcorn

colored popcorn maraca
The popcorn makes a satisfying snapping sound. After going to all the trouble of coloring the kernels and combining them, I realized I could have bought the colored popcorn. Sigh. But then again, I did get the next two maracas as well which you would not be able to buy.

Black and White

black and white popcorn maraca

Older kids seems to like this black and white popcorn.

Popcorn and Rice

blue popcorn maraca
The popcorn kernels that were dyed with blue food coloring made an interesting swirl pattern. I added a little bit of uncooked white rice to change the sound and the look.

You Put Your Toothpicks In

toothpick maraca
You can buy toothpicks already colored. The pointed ends make for a sharp staccato sound.

Drinking Straws

drinking straw maraca

Solid colored and striped drinking straws were cut to different lengths, producing a soft sound.

Try to Guess

orange peel maraca         orange peel maraca
I used a hole punch to punch out pieces of orange peels to make this maraca. It led to some taunts that the economy must be getting pretty bad when Ma/Grandma resorts to used water bottles and orange peels for toys. But kids like the variety and this gives a quieter shaker.

A Little Science In A Bottle

oil and water
This is more for the looks than the sound. Green dish soap, red-dyed water, and yellow corn oil separate. The kids like to mix and watch them separate again.

The Cleanest Rubber Bands You'll Ever Meet

rubber band maraca
This leaves everyone guessing. Small pieces of different colored rubber bands are floating in hand sanitizer.

A Blizzard of Color

crayon wax maraca         crayon wax maraca
This colorful bottle is made from the shavings of different crayons floating in water. On the left you see the smaller pieces floating on top with the larger pieces at the bottom of the bottle. The picture to the left shows the flurry or swirling colors when the bottle is shaken.

Christmas Ball Handprints

christmas ball handprints

Each child had their own blue ball. They put their hand into white paint and the palm touched the bottom of the ball as the snow-covered ground. Their fingers formed the snowmen.

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More ideas on teaching toddlers. They love their learning time with you!

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