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Moccasin Trail Themes, Symbols, and Timeline

Identify the themes, symbols, and timeline events in Moccasin Trail the historical fiction novel by Eloise Jarvis McGraw.

Moccasin Trail Unit Study Horse


The major themes in this historical fiction account include:

Further Discussion on Themes

These themes can be further analyzed on the basis of:


Moccasin Trail Lesson Plan Feathers

A number of objects and events are used as symbols which support the themes listed above.


Moccasin Trail Lesson Plan Feathers

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Moccasin Trail Pages

Our pages for Eloise Jarvis McGraw's novel, Moccasin Trail.

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Vocabulary Moccasin Trail Vocabulary
Vocabulary Lists
Maps Moccasin Trail Maps
Jim's Oregon Territory
Summaries Moccasin Trail Chapter
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Themes, Symbols, Timeline Moccasin Trail themes
Explore themes and symbols

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