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Third Grade Writing Rubric

Download our Writing Rubric for 3rd Grade Students

With the third grade writing rubric, you will be able to evaluate and grade your
3rd graders writing more easily and effectively.

third grade writing rubric
FREE Writing Rubric Download BELOW

The Third Grade Writing Rubric Criteria

Length of Writing
Above Expectation: 3 or more paragraphs
Expectation: 1 to 2 paragraphs
Below Expectation: 4 to 6 complete sentences
Fails Criteria: 3 or less sentences

Above Expectation: Each paragraph has topic sentence and cohesion.
Meets Expectation: Paragraphs are about the same topic.
Below Expectation: No central idea in each paragraph
Fails Criteria: No central idea in the writing assignment

End Punctuation
Above Expectation: Beginning and ending punctuation and capitals are all correct.
Meets Expectation: A few errors in punctuation are present.
Below Expectation: 1/3 of the sentences have some punctuation errors.
Fails Criteria: Poor punctuation in most sentences

In the kindergarten writing rubric there are separate criteria for spelling of previously learned words and words whose spelling would be unfamiliar.
Above Expectation: Few or no spelling errors
Meets Expectation: A few errors in each paragraph
Below Expectation: 4 or more errors per paragraph
Fails Criteria: Many misspelled words in most sentences

Word Choices
Above Expectation: Many colorful adjectives, action verbs, and interesting phrases used in every paragraph
Meets Expectation: A few interesting word choices are used in every paragraph.
Below Expectation: General or common words are used.
Fails Criteria: Simple words with a minimal vocabulary are used.

Sentence Structure
Above Expectation: Complex and compound sentences are used without run-ons or fragments.
Meets Expectations: A few run-on sentences or fragments are evident when using compound sentences.
Below Expectation: Several fragments or run on sentences are present.
Fails Criteria: Unable to discern sentence structure

Above Expectation: Every sentence provides detail to support the paragraph.
Meets Expectation: Some detail is present in every paragraph.
Below Expectation: General knowledge is communicated with little detail.
Fails Criteria: No details are present.

Print the Third Grade Writing Rubric

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Print the 3rd Grade Writing Rubric

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