The Hobbit Dwarves

Have fun with the puzzle of the 13 dwarves in The Hobbit.

The Hobbit Dwarves Worksheet

Getting to Know the Dwarves in the Hobbit

When Bilbo unsuspectingly opens his door to the first hobbit, he doesn't know what he is in for. Before he knows it, thirteen rather obnoxious dwarves are attacking his pantry. Little does he know, these stranger are about to becoming companions and (some) life-long friends.

Black and White The Hobbit Dwarves Worksheet

A copy of our black and white Hobbit Dwarves Puzzle is in our Hobbit Unit Study. Just where is this amazing unit study? Well, it just so happens it is currently under development. It will be worth the wait.

Meanwhile, students can have the fun of finding which feature of each dwarf is different from the others.

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List of 13 Dwarves in The Hobbit

The Answer Key

Black and White The Hobbit Dwarves Puzzle

Here is the answer key.

List of those Other Dwarves

Previously anyone asking you to list the dwarves would probably have meant the dwarves in Snow White.

In the Disney version, their names were: So just what do these Disney Dwarves have to do with Hobbit Dwarves anyway? Not a lot, except - interesting fun fact - the Disney movie Snow White was released the same year The Hobbit was published.

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More Happy Hobbit Hacks will be Here

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