The Hobbit Analysis

Uncover the symbols, themes, genres, and points of view with our Hobbit Unit Study.

Hobbit Symbols and Themes

Symbolism In the Hobbit

The Hobbit Unit Study uncovers seven symbols in the narrative. These are discussed in the chapter-by-chapter activities as the symbols appear and reappear.

In the worksheet pictured above, students decipher the hobbit runes to find the symbols. Then they match the symbol to what it represents.

The seven symbols (and their answers) are:

The Hobbit Theme

Four distinct themes in The Hobbit emerge. These are investigated in the unit study as well as the symbols that point to the themes. In the worksheet at the end, the four themes are reviewed. The four themes are: These themes are, admittedly, inter-related. For instance, comfort vs adventure is related to the theme of home. However, the comfort vs adventure is distinctly applied to Bilbo.

The theme of home is broader than Bilbo. The entire quest is to reclaim the stolen home of the dwarves. Enroute, they visit numerous homes (Elrond, Eagles Eyrie, Beorn, Elven Kingdom, Laketown.)

Genres of the Hobbit

Five different genres that The Hobbit encompasses are examined in the unit study. These include:

Character Development

As stated above, students can debate if this fits the genre of "Coming of Age" literature. But whether one agrees that Bilbo "grows up" or not, character development certainly occurs.

Essay question or poster presentations:

Points of View

Yes, it is plural (points of view NOT point of view.)

The tone of The Hobbbit might make one think they are reading a simple bedtime story or children's fairytale. But even the point of view in The Hobbit is complex.

It is a third person narrative within an outer frame of a second person narrative.

What Else Is in the Hobbit Unit Study Guide?

The Hobbit Poster

Our 136 page unit study includes:

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